Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Gingerbread Party

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee...and hate thee...simultaneously.  Before Pinterest, I would've had a couple graham crackers, some icing, and some peppermints and called it a party.  After Pinterest, there's this:  

We were supposed to have the party today (Sunday) but with the impending bad weather, we did it Saturday....because not doing it was NOT an option.  I was short on time because we had gone tree shopping before but I managed to get it mostly set up.  I was putting the house frames together as they came.  

 The boys LOVED it....and by it I mean eating candy.

 Slightly hopped up on sugar...

 Dom's house:

 Hannah was pretty excited to do the train (I thought Vince would do the train but he wanted a house)

 The finished products!
 Erin K worked really hard on this train....she was very proud (notice the teddy graham conductor)
 Vince's house:
 Mine (Ellie wasn't interested so I did one :)
 Eli (and Sara's)

 Pardon some of the repeats - took some pics with phone and some with the camera

 The boys eventually got tired of gingerbread houses and started wrestling!  It was hilarious!  Video to follow!  Pretty sure Eli and Dom are gonna get in trouble at school on Monday b/c they're gonna be wrestling and tackling each other to the ground.  What was really funny was Erin K and her girls watching the spectacle.  I think it made her glad to have 2 girls.

 Why yes, that is my kid climbing across the table to get a Twizzler.

 Straight up icing into his mouth.

 More wrestling.  It was a pile up...
What a fun fun fun Christmas activity with friends!  Definitely a tradition!

Oh and here's the video.  I warn you, there's a lot of screaming and hooting and hollaring.

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