Sunday, September 28, 2014


Today was the big day!  Dom and Ellie's 3rd Birthday Party!  We had a monster of a time (hahahaha, corny, I know).  
First up, some preparation pics.  Here's the party invite:
The banner:
Party favor table:

Monster marshmallow pops:
A peek inside the favor bags:
The big guy ready to go and partay:
 He helped himself to some marshmallow pops while Erin and I set up:
 Noni made these amazing and delicious cupcakes:  Seriously, AMAZING!
 Now just some pics of everyone having fun!

 The other half of the party!  MISS ELLIE BELLY!


 Someone (I won't name names DOM) was exhausted!  Isn't this the most pitiful face?  Its ok, he just needed a few min to recharge and he was off again..

 Annnnd, another pop...

 We had SO MUCH FUN!  Thanks to everyone who came out!  Here's a math equation for you:
3 solid hours of running and playing + no nap = ONE TIRED MONSTER.  This kid fell asleep at 7:20pm tonight.  Hallelujah b/c there was about an hour or so I wasn't sure one of us was gonna survive.  Yikes, speaking of monsters.....
I'm officially done with parties....well, till Halloween :)  haha...