Sunday, July 21, 2013

Onions and Donuts

Oh Dominic, you never cease to amaze me.  I got a salad with dinner one night and set the onions aside (yuck).  Dom grabbed them off my plate, dipped them in ranch, and chowed down.  Here's a video..this is like the 3rd or 4th one he'd glad I caught it on camera.  I love this kid...he certainly keeps life interesting.

We all went to the grocery store one night to stock up on a few things.  Dominic saw the Krispy Kreme stand, calmly walked over, bear hugged about 4 or 5 bags, and started walking towards the front.  I'm so glad we all got to see it b/c pics just don't do it justice.  I thought I was gonna pee my pants I was laughing so hard.  I seriously don't know what I'm gonna do with this boy.  

We couldn't say no after all that hard work but we only okayed 2 bags.  Funniest part of the trip, hands down!  

OBX Part 2

For the most part the kids slept really well...considering that neither spends many nights out of their own bed.  However, they were both WIDE AWAKE at 5:30am EVERY SINGLE DAY!  In their defense, there was a light of sunlight coming through the windows....but still, that's too early!  In an attempt to keep them quiet so everyone else could sleep, they played a lot of video games....
and played a lot of iPad games.  But after about 3 hours of being semi-quiet, these two get rowdy.  
So, one morning I packed them and my camera up and headed to the beach.  It was more of a photo session than play time but Dom wasn't interested in either so it didn't last long but I got a few good ones....

Then Vince wanted to take pictures.  Keep in mind, I had no intention of being in any pics this morning so please forgive the clothes, hair, and face :)  All things considered, Vince is a pretty decent photographer!

Another morning, Noni and I gathered the kids and headed out to the Currituck Lighthouse.  

Vince was absolutely determined to climb to the top so Noni took Dom and Vince and I paid our $7 and went in.  We made it about 5 steps and he looked up the spiral staircase and quickly beelined it out! Thank goodness, I was not looking forward to that climb :)
 Another mini-photoshoot in front of our house.

This boy took the longest naps ever this week....I'm talking 3-4 hours long!  Swimming and sun wears a boy out!  Finally, I found something to wear him out :)  After this nap, we were headed into Nags Head to play with our friends The Krebbs (who were in town with her family).
 Here we are at their pool...
 Vince loved playing with the water guns...
 and Hannah, of course.  Dom's obsession with Miss Hannah continues as well.  He followed her everywhere like a little puppy dog and screamed every time she got out.

 This kid LOVES the water!  He is such a water baby!
 Erin K joined in the water gun fun!
 While the men supervised!

 He looks like a little minion!
Vince and Hannah also tried out the hot tub (for a few minutes)....Vince still insisted on wearing his life worries here about him drowning.  
Erin K wanted a picture of all her family's kids (all the cousins)....but look who got in the picture too :) 
What goes better with early morning wake ups than a gallon of coffee and some delicious warm Duck Donuts.....yummmmmmmm.....

Our last day there, Mr. Dominic tumbled down the deck stair and landed on his poor little face.  In his defense, Noni missed the step too, they shared stair booboos.
 I broke my nice Michael Kors sunglasses and had to go find another pair....I think this one works, don't you?
 Vince was digging this pair too!
 I was dying to get a group photo so everyone obliged and I set the timer on my camera....turned out pretty decent!

 And one of us 4...too bad the sun/shade wasn't ideal.
We decided after dinner Saturday to just pack up real quick and head back that night to beat Sunday morning traffic....Vince was not happy with this decision but he passed out pretty quickly and we had a great drive home.  
What a great week we had with Noni and Papi.  I'm already ready for next year!

OBX Part 1

We just got home from a great week at the beach (and by beach I mostly mean pool)!!  Here we were all loaded up and ready to hit the road.  iPads-check, 3DS- check, DVD player- check, pacis-check...let's go!  Corolla here we come!
 We arrived to this beautiful home.  It was like Pottery Barn meets the beach.
The back of the house and the awesome pool!  See why we mostly stayed home and went swimming in the pool!!!

 The boys also loved taking baths in the big tub!

 I love this look on him!  Isn't he adorable!?!?!

 Wow, that kid has a ton of hair!
We weren't right on the beach but it wasn't too far and there was a public access pretty close by.  We headed out to the beach one night....

And no surprise, Dom was a fan!  He actually ran right in and Tony barely caught him.  Scared me half to death.
 Vince is still pretty afraid of the ocean...likes the sand but not the water.

 Half his legs and feet were buried in the sand....

 I love these boys!
 Dom was so sandy and wet that we had to strip him down to get in the car.
The evening was so much fun, we headed back out the next morning.  

 But the beach is so........sandy.  We only lasted like 45 minutes before we went back to the pool...we just aren't beach people.  This is so much better!!!

 Lunch on the patio every day...ending with cold yummy popsicles!  I love this life!
We found some hole-in-the-wall burger joint that was AWESOME and went to Jennette's Pier one night....its quite a little drive from Corolla and someone fell asleep in the back seat with me.  
 Looking out at the ocean...

Must go put my munchkins in bed (on time) for the first time all week!  Part 2 to come later tonight!