Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinspiration Failure

Apparently I can't pull off everything I see on Pinterest.  I attempted a mini photoshoot at home with just me and both boys.

This was my photo inspiration: (after posting these, I realized they got cut off on the right edge, click on the inspiration pic to see the whole picture)

and this is what I got:

 This was my inspiration:
Source: flickr.com via Erin on Pinterest

and this is what I got:
Check out Dom's crazy eyes!

Maybe when Dom gets a little older it'll be easier....I hope :)


Here's a glimpse into a 4 month old's range of emotions:

 Back to shocked
 Back to happy
 Back to sad
 Then there's my favorite.....frisky:

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I spend way too much time some time on Pinterest....and it has won me "the best mommy ever" award a few times this week.  We made a soccer game with a shoe box lid,  a piece of construction paper, 2 pipe cleaners, a cotton ball, and 2 straws (as seen here).  

It morphed into a hockey game too....
Then we made a bathtime boat for his superheros out of 2 plastic bottles and tape (as seen here)
He's been really interested in planets and stars lately so when I found these ideas here and here, I knew he'd be excited.  He cut out the planets (ok, he cut out one and I did the rest)....
and glued them down to make a solar system.  He was really, really proud of his solar system and we had to hang it in his room.
Then he used a pin and poked holes in this paper to make constellations.  When it got dark we shined a flash light behind them and saw the "stars" on the wall.  
I'm so glad he loves to learn and do cheesy stuff with me.  I hope Dom wants to join us one day!  

One tired munchkin

I've mentioned how well Dom sleeps at night....but naps are another story.  This kid sometimes goes all day with only 1-2 short cat naps.....I tell him he's a stubborn Zatelli.  

Hannah's Birthday Party

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!  Last Monday was Hannah's 4th birthday.  I can't believe it!  Mostly, because it means my baby is gonna be 4 in less than 4 months....holy crap.  

She is such a sweetie and has the greatest laugh I've ever heard.....and Vince lights up when she's around.  We love you Hannah!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Row Row Row Your Boat

This made me laugh.

Go Steelers

Pretend that I posted this before the Steelers lost to that Tebow dude.  We had a good time getting all of us dressed up to match (Daddy was matching too but he avoids pictures like the plague).  

 TOUCHDOWN!!!!!  Too bad the Steelers didn't do enough of this.
 Touchdown dance in the endzone

Probably would've been better to videotape the dance b/c still images just don't do it justice...oh well, maybe next year :)  

4 months

Sorry, I've been slacking on the blog for the past few weeks.  Work is INSANE....more insane than usual (thanks to Walgreens) so I'm plain exhausted by the time I get home.  Anyways, sweetie pie has turned 4 months during this time.  Here's a few "I'm 4 months old now" pics for your viewing pleasure :)

 That's a BIG baby!
We had his 4 month check up today.  We weren't too surprised that he checked in in the 90-95%.  He weighed 18lbs, was 26.75 inches long, and had a head circumference of 16.75 inches.  I was expecting a monster after all 4 stinking shots but after a few tears, he was an angel all day.  He even got to try rice cereal for the first time.

I thought for sure it would be a hit but he just seemed "ok" about it...not nearly as excited as I was :)  I think when we get to the really good stuff he's gonna love it.

For comparison: I found a pic of Vince in the same highchair (below).  I don't look at Dom and think they look alike but when I see baby pics of Vince, I realize how similar they are....except Vince is 9 months old in this picture and about the same size as Dom.

Monday, January 2, 2012


These boys adore each other.  Now I have proof of that fact to show them when they're fighting over toys in a few years.  

 Possibly my favorite picture of them....

Rolling, rolling, rolling.....

Look what Dom's up to these days:
I love how Vince cheers him on at the end.

Sweet DommyPoo

Yes, I call him DommyPoo and yes, I'm sure he's gonna hate that nickname but if you saw those big sweet brown eyes and nuzzled those soft chubby cheeks you'd understand.  He's SUCH a good baby.  Have I ever mentioned on here what a good sleeper he's become?  I think I've been afraid I would jinx myself.  We put him in his crib at 7pm, he falls asleep on his own, and he sleeps until (about) 6am.  I give him a bottle when he wakes up, put him back in his crib, and he sleeps for another 1-2 hours.  It's amazing and we are incredibly lucky.  Here's some pics of my sweet baby:  
 You can almost see a neck in this picture.  I've caught a few glimpses of it from time to time....

 We've discovered our HANDS.  He practically devours them.  He can shove his whole fist in his slobbery mouth and it's adorable.

Oh DommyPoo, mommy loves you!