Sunday, January 22, 2012


I spend way too much time some time on Pinterest....and it has won me "the best mommy ever" award a few times this week.  We made a soccer game with a shoe box lid,  a piece of construction paper, 2 pipe cleaners, a cotton ball, and 2 straws (as seen here).  

It morphed into a hockey game too....
Then we made a bathtime boat for his superheros out of 2 plastic bottles and tape (as seen here)
He's been really interested in planets and stars lately so when I found these ideas here and here, I knew he'd be excited.  He cut out the planets (ok, he cut out one and I did the rest)....
and glued them down to make a solar system.  He was really, really proud of his solar system and we had to hang it in his room.
Then he used a pin and poked holes in this paper to make constellations.  When it got dark we shined a flash light behind them and saw the "stars" on the wall.  
I'm so glad he loves to learn and do cheesy stuff with me.  I hope Dom wants to join us one day!  

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  1. Super awesome job, Mommy! I LOVE the Solar System - I think I want one for my room, too!!