Sunday, August 30, 2015


As always, this is way overdue.  The boys and I packed up and headed to OBX for a few days in July to hang out with all of our friends that were already there.  It was just 3 days but we had THE BEST time.  Here they are all excited to go!

 That is one cool kid.
 We're here!

 This kid surprised me.  I thought he would LOVE the beach.  He HATED it.  Wanted nothing to do with it.  Didn't go near the water.

Ahhhhh, what a good day.

Right there, thats as close as he ever got and that was the only time it happened.  
This kiddo, on the other hand, LOVED it.  Who expected that one?  Not me.

Um, I'm sorry, is this Vince...IN the water?  WHAT??

My favorite picture....ever.

Justin, George, and Krebbs watched the kids for us one night so Erin, Sara, and I could go out for girls night.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.  These girls are the best friends I could ever ask for.  We may have gotten a little rowdy...allegedly.

As soon as we got in the car to head home, these 2 boys PASSED OUT!  What a great few days we had!  Next year, we're going for the week!!