Thursday, January 27, 2011

A visit from OK!

We've had a busy and wonderful few days with family! My brother (Patrick), sister-in-law (Julie), and nephew (Nathan) came from Oklahoma for a visit this week! Vince was SO excited all last week about seeing his Cousin Nathan....we just couldn't wait any longer for them to be here! Here's a blast from the past photo. This is from the day Vince was born....Nathan was 2 months old.
Here's a picture from the 2nd time they met....November 2009. Aren't they precious?!?!
And here are pics from this visit! This is gonna be a long post with lots of pics! Hopefully even more once Uncle Patrick gets his pics online (his will actually be GOOD pics)!!!

If you remember, Grandma and Grandpa have a creek in their backyard. Grandpa promised these boys a fishing expedition in the creek so he bought them both fishing poles. Unfortunately, the snowy weather (is it ever gonna be spring?) didn't allow for a fishing trip but the boys enjoyed learning how to reel stuff in and terrorize everyone with their fishing poles.
They also did some coloring and puzzles.....
And ganged up on Grandma.....

The next night, we had a birthday party for Nathan. He will be the big 3 in March but we won't get to see him then. Vince managed to rake in quite a few gifts during Nathan's party does that work?

Here's Uncle Patrick and his kick-ass camera....see, I told you he'd have better pics!
Preparing to sing to Nathan and blow out the candles....
Don't they look like they're up to something????
Here's all the loot....lots of repeat gifts so they wouldn't have to share. They basically spent all night running and playing and chasing each other around the was great to see them have so much fun together.
Unfortunately, I have to work all weekend so today was our last day with them. They met us early to join us for story time! Hannah and Erin came too! Hopefully I'll get a video up soon of that! Then we went to the park (for a quick photo shoot!). Yes there was snow on the ground but it didn't stop us!

However, the snow on the slide was a major bummer.....can't you see the disappointment??

Isn't this cute!?!? They look identical...totally in-step, leaning the same way...2 peas in a pod.

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Lastly, all 10 of us bombarded California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. The boys were great! Here they are posing with Uncle Patrick.
and with me and Patrick.....
We were so sad to say good-bye tonight! We're gonna miss our little playmate. Thanks for coming to visit, Patrick, Julie, and Nathan! We love you! We promise to visit you one day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I picked up a cardboard playhouse when Christmas went 75% off at CVS (shameless plug). I set it aside and told Vince we'd open it on a rainy day. He found it today and pitifully said, "Can it be a rainy day?"....what can I say, I'm a of course we opened that baby up! I didn't expect it to be so......BIG (that's what she said.....HA!)! We started coloring it right away....

And Vince tested out all the doors:
And windows to make sure they were operating properly:

When Daddy woke up and saw what we had gotten into, he was pretty excited too! He couldn't wait to "salvage" the crappy job we did! Daddy has a slight OCD problem :)
Can you tell what part Daddy did?!?!?!
Vince added his chair and some books and toys to his new house and bragged about it at the Baby Shower we went to later. Now if only it didn't take up half my living room :)


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Daddy brought home a mini heavy bag and gloves for little man the hopes that Vince (aka Rocky) would stop using him as a punching bag. So far so a lot of energy out with that thing! Here's a's kinda long but you'll get the idea in the first few minutes. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That's one for the quote book....

I stole the idea for a "notable quotables" section from several of you guys....THANKS! Kids really do say some funny stuff and I wanted to be sure to share Vince's crazy ramblings and document them so I can look back and laugh! We literally have a quote book with our friends of the funny/random things us adults say (we started it a few years back when we all took a trip to Va Tech and keep adding to it all the time....the kids have even made a few entries). We always hollar, "that's one for the quote book", so I thought that was an appropriate title! I added a link off to the side to go directly to the quotes. Enjoy!

January 2010

-"Daddy GO TO YOUR OFFICE" (you may have already seen this here)

-Erin K and I were getting Hannah and Vince into their jammies when Vince says, "Mommy, Hannah's naked. I wanna be naked too!" Hannah's daddy was less than thrilled to hear about this.

-When Tony and I asked Vince if he wanted a baby to live here he responded, "YEAH, I want Hannah to live here"

-Out of the blue Vince told Noni, "I have a baby brother living here".....ummmm, does he know something we don't??

-At Hannah's after party Vince says, "No Hannah, your birthday is OVER"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cops and Robbers

Just like in the movies, the Potato Head Duo robbed the town bank and the gun-slinging Sheriff Vince had to save the day (and the hostages)!

And this video is proof that I need a girl:

He is ALL boy (well, except for that time he wore princess shoes!!!)