Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jump around, jump around

Dom took the jumperoo for a spin today....and he LOVED it.
 He was really really close to touching the ground but I added a boring book for good measure:
 I know he doesn't look excited but he was having fun, I promise....
 I just had to add this to show off the double chin....couldn't you just eat those cheeks up though?

 All that jumping wore him out.
His shirt says it all...he is my "big guy".  Also, I know I shouldn't say this because I'll probably jinx myself but he has gone almost a whole week sleeping through the night!!!  The first 3 nights he went 8 hours and the last 2 nights he went 10 hours!!!!  Even Vince woke up before him and I had to rely on my alarm clock to wake up for work!  What a good boy!

Petting zoo

Last weekend, Noni invited Vince to a petting zoo at their library.  There were a few we couldn't pet (like the temperamental monkey and lemur) but they did have some cool animals that Vince liked the kangaroo: 
 Baby goat:
 Lizard: (that's Vince's little finger)
 and SNAKE...we weren't brave enough to hold it but he did touch it quickly:
He also got to put on some gloves and touch a prickly hedgehog, see a duck, and some bunnies.

We had fun seeing all the exotic animals and spending some time with Noni!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Three Musketeers

This weekend Ella, Dom, and Eli got to hang out for the first time!  Ella is 7 weeks, Dom is 9 weeks, Eli is 2 weeks.  Something tells me these 3 are gonna get in A LOT of trouble together!

 I have to realize that I am NEVER going to get all FIVE kids to look at me at the same time nor smile at the same time.   Oh well.
Its hard to believe that our little gang has grown from 2 kids to FIVE in a matter of weeks!  It is utter chaos when we hang out now!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall crafts

Here's a few fall crafts Vince and I have been working on:

It's a lot harder doing these now but hopefully when Dom is a little older we'll get back in the groove.

2 month stats

Dominic had his 2 month check-up yesterday.  It's no surprise that he fell in the 90th percentile!!  That's right, I said 90th.  He weighed in at 14lbs 6oz (a 4lb gain in 1 month) and measured 24 &3/4 inches (2&1/2 inches longer).  I think we have a football player...or bouncer on our hands.  He did get a full 8 hours of sleep two nights in a row too! I'm hoping that isn't a fluke.  Now if only I could get him to stay up past 7:30pm so I also got 8 hours of sleep.  


Tuesday, Dominic and I got to meet our friends Justin and Sara's new baby, Eli.  Sweet little Eli was born on my birthday, November 1.  He is 2 weeks old now and weighs a little over 7lbs...which makes me remember how little Vince was.  He looks so tiny next to Dom, doesn't he?  Can you believe that Dom is only 7 weeks older than Eli????  Welcome to the group Eli, we can't wait to watch you grow up!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pouty to smiley

Isn't this the most pitiful pouty face:
 Even a kiss from Vince didn't help:

 But don't worry, he's super smiley too:
 We're starting to get these big, wonderful, meaningful smiles all the time now:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Falling for fall

We've had a lot of leaves fall in the backyard lately and I was dying to have Vince jump in a pile of them!  So, we grabbed a couple of rakes.....
 got a running start......
 and fell right in.....

 Then we did it over....

 and over.....

 Once that got old, he decided to throw leaves at me instead...

Can't wait till Dom can join us next year!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My indecisiveness led me to get 2 costumes for Dom. I'm still not sure which I liked more! Here's his cute dragon costume but let me assure you the only time this dragon breathes fire is if he's 30 seconds late for a bottle....and I'm not kidding...this kid likes to eat.


We joined Hannah at her Grandma's house in Mechanicsville for some trick-or-treating fun. Spiderman and Minnie Mouse were ready to go!

Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain so we only hit up a few houses.
Then came back to check on the dads and babies
and check out our loot

But eventually it stopped raining and we headed back out....yep, we are THAT hardcore!
so hardcore that Spidey and Minnie had to hitch a ride...
Vince was happy, he ended up with a bucket full of goodies and a tummy full of chocolate!! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!