Monday, March 17, 2014

Instagram Upload and more!

I really need to work on my titles.  B O R I N G!  Anywho, we celebrated Dr. Seuss bday and Vince read a few books to Dom...LOVE THAT!
 Is it me?
 Soooo, yeah, potty training....the bane of my existence.  He will go to the potty if you remember to tell him to go about every hour or so but he still hasn't quite gotten the hang of telling us he has to he wet himself right before dinner.  I just stripped him down and let him eat b/c bath was our next stop!  Pants are over-rated anyway.
 We have some crazy a$$ weather in VA, don't we?  One day last week it was SO BEAUTIFUL!  We went to the park with Eli and then the boys and I hit up Gelati Celesti (ice cream shop) for dinner!  YUMMO!

 Dom will take some ice cream with his gummy bears.
 Vince wrote our names on the chalkboard wall...
 So as if potty training wasn't enough to tackle...someone (DOMINIC) decided he would start climbing out of his crib.  Shoot me now.  I would be lying if I said this past week was anything but awful and utterly exhausting.  Not only does he cry for about 2 hours before he falls asleep, he has been waking up at midnight every night and crying/screaming/banging on the door for HOURS ON END.  I am trying soooooo hard to sleep train and let him cry it out but after 5 hours of it (don't worry, I go in and check on him periodically but it just resets his clock so it's not really worth it), this mommy can't take anymore and he ends up in bed with me...thus negating the previous 5 hours.  Ugh, awful.  Almost every night this week I've gotten 1-2 hours of sleep....that's it.  I can't function on 1-2 hours of sleep.  Anyway, one night he fell asleep on the floor like this and I left him.  I covered him up and he was totally was actually one of the only nights he slept thru the night.  (Side note: Cory- if William is anything like Dominic..and I know he is, I'm sorry in advance and start getting extra sleep now to prepare yourself)
 Vince finally had tball practice on Saturday (the previous 2 were cancelled for snow and rain).  Dom was so jealous that I let him go in the back yard and hit off the t.
 My friend Whitney's little boy Cooper came over Sunday morning and had a St. Patrick's Day party with us.  I LOVE celebrating holidays with the boys and going all out and making memories with them.  It makes my heart happy.  I hope they remember that one day!
 They were really excited to see all the goodies...
 I made green lucky charm pancakes with whipped cream and green milk.  Talk about sugar rush.

 I was pretty excited to see Dominic peel his own orange.  He eats a ton of them so it's nice to see him help out!
 We visited grandma and grandpa on Sunday.  You can't really tell in this pic but these boys owe those big dark brown eyes to that man!
 Grandma got them Seat Pets...Dom can't use his yet b/c he's still in the car seat but Vince slept on it the whole way home!  SCORE!
 Like I said....Dom has ended up in bed with me several has Vince for that matter.  Rotten boys.
 So, I had a brilliant idea (ok, a friend actually had the idea and I implemented it)....Vince and Dom could have a "slumber party" in Dom's room and Vince could sleep in his sleeping bag on the floor so Dom had someone in the room with him (which I think is the problem...when I leave the room).  So far, its been 40 minutes and there hasn't been a single peep or scream from either of them.  I pray this lasts all night.  Now, we are coming off of a night where we barely slept so we're all just barely hanging on but so far so good.  Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me b/c I need this.  I need this to work.  If it does, I may be buying bunk beds ASAP.
 Ok, enough IG pics, here's real camera pics from that beautiful day at the park.

Eli is getting so big!
 This pic made me realize they needed haircuts SO BAD!
 Eli and Vince are like 2 peas in a pod...must be a first child thing.


 LOVE LOVE LOVE (by the way, this lasted 0.3 seconds before Dom was swatting Vince's hand away)
Ok, I've given them enough time to really be asleep.  Time for me to catch a few winks and pray that the midnight hour is uneventful.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our month in pictures

Wow, I know February was a short month but it flew by. 

Who needs a circus when I have these two clowns.
 Erin K and I got the kids together one night for pizza, ice cream sundaes, and a movie...they were AWESOME!  We were shocked!!
 Date night...
 All 4 kids curled up on the couch..
Dom spent a day at Mimi's house because daycare was closed...apparently a day of eating candy, doing whatever he wanted, and further wrapping mimi around his little finger is exhausting...oh and no, there's no booboo on his nose...
 Vince made a family for his wii games.....hmmm, they look familiar...
 Valentine's Day was a's Vince's Mario Valentine's.  I was pretty proud of these and very sad school was closed for snow that day.
 Signing his life away....
 We made a Luigi box for his Valentines....don't think it got used at all...oh well..

 Making Valentine cookies...

 V-day dinner...yeah, super nutritious...
 I seriously need an octagon in my living room.
 I love that boy.
 Sweet Vince got to pick out a treasure from the box at school for good behavior...he got me this :) love my thoughtful fella
 A bad week calls for chocolate pies and wine...
 We were all having a bad week, clearly...
 Dom and I got some alone time last weekend. It was a beautiful day!

 Stud muffin...
 No mommy/Dommy date is complete without Sweet Frog..
 Good morning, sunshine!
 Vince's friend, Cooper, came over to play....I felt safe under their protection!
 Chalk driveway drawings...
 And so begins an obsession with John Deere...
 and Play-Doh...
 These boys are so different. Vince eats all of his pizza, except the crust...Dom starts at the crust and hardly touches the actual pizza.
 Just a pot holder boxing match...nothing to see here...
 Showing Nathan some Cousin love!
 Yep, 2.5 years old and still spoiled rotten...only naps on someone...I can't complain :)
 Ready set GO
 Sleepy boy
 Time for Monopoly Jr.  This was actually kinda fun.  I had to help Dom but we all enjoyed it!
 Dom's version of a tea party consists of 4 ooh ooh aah aah's (aka monkeys), fake hot dogs, ribs, and fried chicken.
 Got a couple "real" camera photos the other day.  I am one lucky mama.  These boys are gorgeous (and funny and sweet and happy and amazing).
 Yep, this pic did it.  Love it. Love him.  That is one cool kid.
 And this goof ball.... He cracks me up.  He's so funny and silly.

 Brother hug!

Dom's speech has taken off in the last few weeks.  He's really TRYING...which is key.  As long as I don't push him to talk, he'll do it.  STUBBORN CHILD!  He'll try to repeat what we say now. He finally started saying (among other things) yes, no, me, and PLEASE!  WHOOHOO!  Can I get an amen?  He's been signing please for awhile but just WOULD NOT say it.  He could say pee pee and cheese and teeth so I know he could say please (or at least peeeese) but just wouldn't....till now.  Thank you baby jesus.  Now I'm working on Thank you...sometimes I think he says it but sometimes it sounds like "dido"....which is his word for who knows. Also confusing is booboo and poopoo.  We have missed the potty several times b/c I thought he had a booboo (have you seen his obsession with bandaids...kid always says he has booboos just to get a band aid).  He's so funny though, he speaks Dom.  He uses a lot of word association, I guess.  For example:  Vince was playing with bubbles and said "my bubble juice is gone"...Dom repeated it as "pop juice byebye".  I mean, it makes total sense.  And Hiya is Power Rangers (as in karate chop, hiya) and The Christmas episode of Power Rangers is "Hiya HoHoHo".  I mentioned candy is "dido" so Super Mario Fruit Snacks are "wii dido" (b/c he only sees mario when Vince plays the Wii) and Kit Kats are "meow dido".  If only everyone spoke Dom, life would be so much simpler.