Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We didn't get quite as much snow as predicted, but we got enough to cancel school and play in it!  YAY!  After putting on about 5,000 layers of clothes (it was only 11 degrees this morning), we finally went outside to play.  It wasn't really snowman making snow but the boys still had fun just running around, throwing snow at me, and rolling around in it like a pig in mud (yes, that would be Dom in case you were wondering).  
Vince was super excited to get outside.  I love him in his Apple father like son.  
 Dom kept saying Ho Ho Ho...I guess the snow reminds him of Santa!  He loved it.
 Barely even enough to make snow angels but we sure tried.
 Dom just liked laying in the snow angel attempts.
 Snowball fight!
 We were those people buying sleds last minute...but I'm so glad we did.  We don't have any hills at our house but I just dragged them around the yard a few times...they still enjoyed it.  I love this pic by the way.
 Dom was in this position about 100 times.  He would just fall and raise his legs up, giggling the whole time, then roll over and get up.  Such joy!  Love it!

 Told you.
Meanwhile Vince was pretending it was still snowing (throwing snow up in the air and letting it fall down on himself).
 And Dom again...

 See what I mean....that crazy kid :)

Daddy got off early and we headed out to find a small hill to go sledding.  We thought for sure Vince would be terrified once he actually saw what sledding was about...but he surprised us! Next time...bigger hill!  I love this pic of Daddy and his littles...
 Mr. Hot Stuff
 Of course the big kid had to test it out first...
 Vince's first time sledding.....

 Look at that smile!

 We thought Dom fell and needed help but nope, he was just rolling around in the snow...again.
 He rolled back and forth like 2-3 times.  Cracks me up.
 Mommy's turn!

 It was a lot of fun!

 Look ma, no hands!

 Then we just raced them around the field...
 Ooops, took that turn too fast...

 and that one...

 Bye Bye sledding....hope it snows again this year so we can do it again!

We had so much fun in the snow today!  How do these kids have so much energy though?  I was exhausted but I had to referee their wrestling matches IN MY LIVING ROOM.  I mean seriously, these boys wrestle ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  I'm constantly "Dom, quit tackling your brother" or "Vince get off of Dom" or "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP HITTING EACH OTHER".  Sorry for the shouty capitals but holy moly these boys are non stop. School is closed again tomorrow but this momma has to work....luckily their day care/after school care place is open!  Hope everyone enjoyed the little bit of snow we did get!