Thursday, July 16, 2015

LIfe lately

We're still here....alive and kicking!  Its been awhile so bear with me....

A rare quiet moment between these two.
 Yeah, it didn't last long.
 I ordered 2 more Farm Girl Paints cuffs when she opened her shop.  Vince always tells me "I love you to neptune and back" b/c its farther than the moon!  Love him!
 Sometimes I need to just do this.....
 Ashland strawberry festival !!
 Strawberries as big as his face!
 Was that cupcake good Dominic?
 This guy and I hit up the Richmond Broad Appetit while big bro stayed with dad b/c he didn't wanna try new foods.  Afterwards, I promised him milkshakes at Red Robin.  He ended up with mine AND his.
 And this guy won an honor roll award at his school ceremony!  So proud!
 We celebrated by milkshakes (wow, maybe I have the problem with milkshakes) at Johnny Rockets AND a new book (harry potter).  Then we went to the park to read our book together before picking up Dominic.

Dom is a fan of chocolate covered strawberries - totally my kid!
 I LOVE his imagination.  Dominic would rather dress up any day than watch tv or ipad.  I love it!
 Here's a staged last day of 1st grade pic....when in actuality, Vince had pink eye and missed his last 2 days :(
 Balloon fight!
 Get in my belly!!
 Snuggling this guy is one of the best things I ever get to do.
 Happy Father's Day to this awesome man!
 Sleeping beauty

 Aquarium with the boys!

 Vince talked me into taking him roller skating.  He totally rocked it!  He was soooo sore the next day but he loved it.
 While Vince and I were at the park reading Harry Potter, a Richmond Times photographer took our pic for an article.....and here we are online
 and in the paper!  We're famous!
 Matt and Michael (my nephews) came up to visit....and had way too much fun with my selfie stick!

 Yeah, we are that weird!
 Again with the costumes....
 Matt also came to Godfrey's with me and some friends

 More Sunday snuggles
 A friend brought me and my techs some Sugar Shack donuts one night....after a very long day.  What a nice surprise!
 We joined the pool with Erin, Ellie, and Hannah!  SO MUCH FUN!

I think you're all caught up for now.  The boys and I are headed to the beach soon so there will be plenty of pics then! Can't wait!