Quote Book

May 2013
-"Mommy did you know that dinosaurs lived a long time ago but a volcano erupted and lava went everywhere and killed all the dinosaurs because it changed the air and they were cold blooded so they couldn't breathe." - Um, who are you?
- Vince: "I don't like fish but I like fish sticks"
   Me:  "well what do you think fish sticks are made from"
   Vince:  "sticks"

April 2013
-"Maybe he was just trying to make a rainbow for you"
-"When I grow up I won't be a good driver b/c I worry about everything"
-"Come on Dom, I already lost Frank, I don't want to lose you too"

February 2013
-"Mommy I like when you take me to school because when Daddy takes me I have to wake him up and I'm always late" --- BUSTED
-"Mommy, did you know that Daddy and I had cupcakes for dinner last night but he said not to tell you"---BUSTED AGAIN!
-"Mommy here's your favorite wine that you drink all the time"
-"Frank be nice to Buddy because he's old and you're fat"

January 2013
-I was having a rough night with the boys.  To make it worse, Dom pooped in the tub so I had to clean the tub and all the toys.  Vince came upstairs with both thumbs up and said "Thumbs up, mommy, you're doing a good job"

December 2012:
-Me:  "Vince can mommy have just a few minutes of quiet time?"
 Vince:  "Mommy, don't you know I'm a rock star"

-"Mommy do you know why Target saves the day?  Because they have EVERYTHING"

-"Mommy, do you know why Dom and I love you?  Because you're beautiful"

September 2012:
-Vince:  "Look mommy that's where you got your new car"
  Me:  "Yep, that's Toyota"
  Vince:  "No, its Car-yota"

-"I've had a really long day"

-"Daddy, mommy is a sweet mommy but she doesn't let me get what I want" (for the record, he wanted a giant tub of cheesy poofs and I said no....what a bad mom)

-Tony:  "Vince, do you wanna go to Cracker Barrel?"
  Vince: "No, Cracker Barrel is old"

August 2012:
- Vince:  Daddy, why do people always smile at me?
  Tony:  Because you're cute.
  Vince:  Yeah, I can't help that.

-"Me, Dom, and Daddy all got toys today and you didn't get any mommy."

-"Dom just bless you'd in Mickey Mouse's face"

-Hair stylist:  "I like your hair Vince and the color is nice"
 Vince:  "Thanks, and I have pretty brown eyes too"

-"Hi, my name is Vince, I'm 4 years old, and I'm starting to get hair on my arms and legs"

July 2012 (I've been slacking on the quote book)
-"Mom, your butt is HUGE"

-"My whole body is tired and needs to rest, except my mouth it doesn't need to rest"

-Tony (to another driver): "You're an asshole"
-Vince (From the backseat):  "No I'm not"

-Vince (to the McDonalds cashier at the drive thru): "Did you get our order right?"

-Vince (to ANY woman he meets):  "Hi, my name is Vince and I'm almost 5" (umm yeah, you just turned 4 buddy)

-"I think my pants are in my butt"

-"I got a big poop coming out of my butt"

April 2012
-"I'm not laughing.  It's not funny, I don't wanna go to school."
-"I don't wanna go to school. School sucks!" (can you tell he doesn't like going...)
-"Daddy, what the hell is going on here?"

March 2012
-Mommy, do you know who humans are?  They have guns

February 2012
-"Mommy, stick and dick rhyme"
-"I love you to Jupiter and back"
-"Spanish for boy is dude"
-"Daddy's not home so I have to be the daddy"

January 2012
-"Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, April"

-Me:  "Vince, how was church?"
-Vince: "We did some songs then sat down then did some songs and sat down"

-Me:  "Vince what did you have for dinner at grandma's house?"
-Vince: "Mac n cheese but I didn't like it."

-Vince: "Daddy, how old are you?"
-Tony: "I'm 30 years older than you. How old does that make me?"
-Vince: "That makes you A LOT"

November 2011
-We were talking about people's names like "what's mommy's name?".  I told him Hannah's name was Hannah Catherine Krebbs....he said "but why isn't it Hannah Catherine Zatelli?"

October 2011

-Me:  "Do you want to take a nap in mommy's bed with me?"
Vince:  "Yeah, I wanna love on you"

-Tony:  "Vince, give Mom and Dom kisses, it's bedtime"
 Vince:  "But its 7:48"
 Tony:  "Oh crap, when did you learn how to tell time?"

-"Patrick is my uncle and your brother and he's smart"

-"Buddy, clean up your attitude"

-"Mommy, I was worried about you"

September 2011
-"Krebbs will you wipe my butt please?"

-Referring to Dom: "I want to keep him"

-Looking at my breast pump stuff: "Mom, do you need a boob punch?"

-"I have plenty of toys, I don't need anymore"

-After Dominic was born:  "Why isn't he talking? Why isn't he walking?"

-Passing by the infant room at school:  "That sounds like home, Daddy"

-"Can he walk with those monkey toes?"

-"Can mommy read me books tonight?  I love her."

-After a visit from Uncle Rob and Aunt Judy (from NYC).  "Oh man, it's raining, now we're never gonna go to New York City"

-"I wanna pee pee outside so the bugs can drink my pee"

-This was more of a what Vince did:
  Me:  "I like your new kicks, buddy"
  Vince:  thought about it, turned around, and kicked my shins

August 2011
-"When Dominic comes out, he's gonna be a boy.  What are you gonna do with all these boys, mom?"

-"Hi Max! Hi Max! I'm not a toy! I'm not a toy!" - Max is my parent's boxer

-"That's why we don't play with tigers" - upon seeing a Dateline commercial about tigers attacking people.

July 2011
-At 2am when Vince woke up having to potty "When Dominic gets big I'm gonna teach him how to pee on the potty and throw a football"

- Me:  "What do you think Dominic is going to look like?"
  Vince:  "I think he's going to be perfect"

-"Hannah's my girlfriend and she's BOSSY"

- Daddy: "Vince, don't you wanna get dressed and go to Target with Mommy to get Harper a birthday
  Vince:  "No, mommy will do it"

- I gave him a bunch of smooches and he said, "Mommy I love you, I'll never wipe those kisses off" - ummmm....melt my heart why don't you kid.

- To my belly "I'm ready for you to come out Dominic, I'm so excited"

June 2011
- "The sun is hot.  I'll blow on it and cool it off"

-"Mommy, you're fat" (after giving me a hug)

-Me:  "Vince, do you wanna get your hair cut tonight?"
 Vince: "No, maybe Saturday, mommy"

-Vince (to the hairdresser):  "My name is Vinceypoo.  I need a haircut.  My hair is awful.  Can you cut it?"

May 2011
-"That sounds like a plan dude"

- Me:  "Vince tomorrow is your birthday party and all your friends are coming."
  Vince:  "I just need my 3 ladies"
  Me:  "Who are your 3 ladies?"
  Vince:  "You, Hannah, and Erin"

-"I love you mommy.  You're a nice girl and you're prettiful.  I love your pretty dress."

April 2011

-"Mommy, you're my lovebug"

-Vince telling us what we do for a living:  "Mommy's the boss and daddy's a computer nerd."

-"Daddy likes boobs"

March 2011
-"I love you so much mommy all day long"

-"Mommy, you need big pants"

-Saw a Victoria's Secret commercial on TV, "I wanna watch that.  I like boobies."

-Me: "Vince, you need to take a nap, you'll feel better"
Vince: "No, Hannah makes me feel better."

-"Oops, I farted. I have a duck up my butt."

-Tony: "I gotta go buddy, mommy can play baseball with you"
  Vince: "No, mommy's a bad player"

-"I love you mommy".....then a few minutes later "I love your face mommy"

-Vince: "What's that daddy?"
  Tony: "Ummm, that's my nose, buddy"
  Vince: "No, inside your nose, you have grass in your nose"

-"Buddy can't smell me, I'm not a flower"

-After getting a goodbye hug and kiss when I dropped him off at school he came up to me and said, "I miss you already, mommy"

January 2011
-"Daddy GO TO YOUR OFFICE" (you may have already seen this here)

-Erin K and I were getting Hannah and Vince into their jammies when Vince says, "Mommy, Hannah's naked. I wanna be naked too!" Hannah's daddy was less than thrilled to hear about this.

-When Tony and I asked Vince if he wanted a baby to live here he responded, "YEAH, I want Hannah to live here"

-Out of the blue Vince told Noni, "I have a baby brother living here".....ummmm, does he know something we don't??

-At Hannah's after party (while she was singing to herself) Vince says, "No Hannah, your birthday is OVER"

-Sitting in traffic, Vince says "Get outta the way asshole".....ok, maybe we should start watching our mouths a little better