Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Saturday was RACE DAY!  3+ months of training, tons of miles logged, lots of mimosas and huge brunches later...it was finally time!  Sara couldn't run with us (she had a conference out of town all weekend) but Erin and I represented!  Friday night we went to Mama Cucina's for a carb loading dinner then ran to Target to get some "throw away clothes" for the race.  2 moms, Target, no kids....yeah, we may have had some fun too!  We totally NEED this sweater, don't we?  
 AHHHHHH!  Got all my stuff ready to go!
 I left my house to pick her up at 5:30am!!!!!!!  We are INSANE!
 We had to stand around in the cold for awhile so we bundled up really well then shed them a mile or so in.
WE DID IT!!!!!!  I never ever ever thought I would/could do a half marathon.  Literally July 28 I couldn't run to the end of my street and Saturday I ran 13.1 miles (2.5 hours) straight.  I got teary eyed a few times when it hit me what I had done.  Erin, Sara, and I are already planning our next race!
 I love this girl.  Like really and truly, I love her!  She is an amazing person and friend.  I couldn't have survived this or really anything this last almost 2 years without her by my side.

 Crossing the finish line!

 My official time!  37 year old mom of 2 kids with absolutely NO history of athleticism....I'll take it!
 I now consider myself a runner and I'm really proud of that.

Fall Pics

So I had the genius plan to take fall pics on Sunday.  Just me and the boys.  I wasn't sure how I was going to do it with the self-timer at the park (where would I put the camera?)...but there were just enough tree stumps and tables!!!  They turned out waaaaaay better than I hoped.  Thank goodness these boys are so used to being in front of a camera and posing!  I must be doing something right? HAHAHA!!  There were lots of bribes but we did it!  

I took this one before we left the house....you know, in case all the others sucked.

 Of course Dom was as far up as he could go and Vince was terrified being on the first one!

 This kid slays me.  TROUBLE!

 Love this one!  So them!
 Yep, Dom took this one!
 And Vince took this one (the sun was too bright, color was awful so I had to make it b/w)
 Yep, just goes to show....a tree stump and self-timer is all you need for a decent pic!!!

 Again....so them!  I love it!

 All vince wants for Christmas is his 2 front teeth......

Vince took this  - he's pretty good with a camera!

 I gotta say, both kids are darn good at taking pics.  They're so hired!