Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busch Gardens (finally)

FINALLY.....with the help of this nifty little card reading thingy (b/c I can't for the life of me find the cord to my little camera), I was able to upload the pics from last week's Busch Gardens trip. We started the Sesame Street Forest of Fun with a little song and dance from Elmo, Cookie, Abby, and Zoe:
Then played in the water park (yes, there's a reason you only see Hannah playing in the water):
Once again, I failed to get them both (or should I say either one) looking at me:
Then we found Burt and Ernie. This is where I was a little disappointed. I guess I thought the characters would be walking around and you could take pics with them.....but OH NO. They were in this little "studio" room where only the camera woman could take pics and then you could buy them....for a ridiculous price. So, this little side shot will have to do :)
We then ventured out of Sesame Street land and it was SO much better....fewer people and NO lines on the rides. Vince and Hannah were so excited to ride the "teapots".
Hannah LOVED it.....Vince not so much.
Then the glider ride:

Holding hands and waiting to get on the "eggs".....which was really a hot air balloon type of ride but they called them eggs and were really excited so we went with it. BUT, this ride was for KIDS ONLY. Erin and I were terrified that one (or both) of them would have a meltdown midair but they did GREAT! They even wanted to ride it again!

Erin and Hannah riding the Scrambler:
Vince at the Scrambler:
Hannah on the swings:
Vince at the swings:
Erin and Hannah on the carousel:
Vince at the carousel:
As you can see, we wore them out (and us too for that matter)! They were such good sports the whole day. Considering that we were way past nap time, had only found ice cream to eat for lunch, and it was super hot....we were amazed at how well they behaved.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer fling coming to and end :(

Since the first thing Vince asked for today was "Hannah" (and apparently she's been asking for him for a few days), we worked in not 1 but 2 playtimes!! We were also lucky enough to have a nice cool day so we spent most of it outside!! It's so sad that Thursday is our last summer day with Erin and Hannah then Miss Erin goes back to teaching. BOOOOOOO! Here's some pics from this afternoon. There was a lot of laughing, eating, goofing off, singing, chasing, and smooching....yeah, you heard me right....time to separate these two!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photo Shoot

Aunt Carey took Vince out for a photo shoot last weekend. Here are a few of my favorites but there's more in the picasa photo album :) Enjoy!