Monday, September 17, 2012

Go Steelers!

Steelers played on Sunday while the kids were we had to all don our jerseys and make time for pics.  Dom is wearing a 3T jersey that Vince wore last year and Vince is wearing the jersey we bought (with Zatelli on the back) before he was born and had was harder than I thought to rob the frame and take the jersey out....mostly because it cost a small fortune to have framed.  
 Holy roots batman...time for mommy to get her hair did.  And yes, my arms are about to fall off in this picture.
 My little linebacker in the making....

 Touchdown dance....

Our week in instagram

As I typed the title, I realized that some of these aren't instagrammed....oh well, you get the idea.  

Every once in awhile it works out that I get about 1 hour of Vince time (just the 2 of us) on Friday mornings before school while Tony takes Dom to my moms.  I LOVE IT!  We usually go grab breakfast and chat.  Last Friday morning he picked donuts so we went to Daylight Donuts and pigged out on a chocolate glazed donut and chocolate milk.....then I sent him off to school and let his teacher's deal with his energy!  haha!  

 I worked late Friday night but when I saw Vince in these jammies Saturday morning, I died laughing.  These fit him last year!  I swear, my kids grow like weeds!

 Yep, that's right....Dom's got a case of beer in the back of his truck....
 This can't be comfortable.  If only I could've seen his face in this position...I'm sure it was a look of fear.
Its been so long since Vince and I did crafts/learning type of activity but Dom took a nice long nap on Sunday so we played this "reading" game.  I wrote out 16 words that he has seen before (and went over them ahead of time)....
then I called out a word and he had to squirt it with water to win.  If he got it wrong, I squirted him with water.  Does that sound mean?  Obviously you weren't there to hear his squeals of delight....I'm pretty sure he even missed some on purpose just to get wet.  Boys will be boys!
Hopefully as Dom gets older and more independent we can do more of these activities...I've pinned a ton on Pinterest, gotta put them to use sometime soon!

1 year stats

This is a little late but Dominic had his 1 year check up last week.  He weighed in at 23lb 14oz (try convincing my arms of that....I thought for sure he was pushing 26-27lbs) and measured 30 1/8 inches. Poor guy had to get a finger stick and a shot in both arms and both legs.  What a trooper! We got the ok to eat all foods except nuts/peanuts.  I thought for sure we started Vince on peanut butter at 1 year...has that changed in the last 3 years?  We've started to wean the bottle (he really only gets a few ounces a the morning, before naps, and at bedtime) but he has no interest in real milk yet.  He knows how to use a sippy cup but he doesn't care for it to have milk in it.  Guess we'll just keep trying!


Vince and Nathan had their first Tball game on Saturday....coached by Uncle Patrick.  They all did a great job (and Uncle Patrick has the patience of a Saint to teach 8 kids how to play a sport most had never been exposed to)!  We can't wait till the next game.  

 I tried catching the ball with Nathan....that kid has got one hell of an arm on him...I let his mom take over before I lost a hand!

 Tacking each other was way more fun than just catching the ball....

 The only lefty on the team....


 Even Dom tried to get in on the fun!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Dominic

We started Dom's birthday with homemade chocolate chip pancakes....why not start the sugar rush early!  Nom nom nom....
Here's some of the prep-work and set up pics...then the good stuff!  Thank you Pinterest for giving me ALL these ideas....seriously, Instagram and did I ever live without you?

 Just need a birthday boy....
 Party favor bags, blowers, and headbands...
 Party swag:

 AMAZING cake made by Noni....and not only was it beautiful, it was delicious too!  (I may still be munching on the leftovers....shhh, if nobody knows, it doesn't have calories!).
 Signing the cutest picture ever....

Ok, here's the fun pics (thanks Alli for taking most of them!)....

Goofballs....I have no idea what Vince is doing...

 It's perfectly normal for the birthday boy's mom to wear Minnie Mouse ears, right?

 Oh yeah, I'm framing this one :)

 It's cake time....He's SO excited!

 Wait, why did you take MY cake away????
 Much better...

 Present time!

 Bahahahaha....Erin K gave Dom a giftcard to Golden's a running joke that Tony LOVES buffets and sometimes eats at Golden Corral by himself b/c I am not a fan....well, now he has a lifetime buffet buddy.

 He really does LOVE him a smooch!

 What did Dom get for his birthday???  A BRAND NEW TRUCK!

 Apparently I was the only one interested in getting her picture taken :)  Oh well!
 Happy Birthday Baby Boy!  Mommy and Daddy LOVE you so much and can't wait for the next 100 birthdays!