Saturday, September 8, 2012

Instagram Upload

Seriously, what would I (and half of the world) do without Instagram?  Greatest invention ever! Here's a backlog of instagram photos from the last few weeks....

I'm slightly biased but daaaamn this kid is freaking adorable.
Some Friday mornings daddy takes Dom to grandma's house and I don't go in till 10am so I get the pleasure of a nice, quiet breakfast with this cutie patootie. I was surprised he picked out the pumpkin muffin at Panera until I found out it was only b/c it was covered in sugar on the top...that's the only part he ate.
 Vince helping me make party favor bags for Dom's birthday.  Side note:  My Cricut is a lifesaver when it comes to these parties.
 Ellie and Dom sharing some puffs...notice that Dom's are all gone.
There was like 1 week where Vince was willing to try just about anything...including Pho....of course, that may have been b/c we told him it was chicken noodle soup...well, it kind of is. That week is over....he's back to his picky self.
We got Nathan a 3DS too when he stayed with us.  These kids are crazy gamers.  I see lots of Super Mario in our future.
 Poor Dom just wanted to do a puzzle with Vince and Nathan....and by "do a puzzle" I mean destroy everything they put together.  They were not pleased :)
 This kid loves his Mickey Mouse.
 Vince's Pre-K classmates...
 Chug chug chug chug....We lovingly refer to Dom as Frank the Tank.  This kid is gonna be one heck of a partier if he can chug a bottle like this.
 A trip to Party City ended in a set of Rock Em Sock Em ring fighters.   Best $2.99 I've spent in awhile.  
 Hurricane Dom is on the loose..
 I used to be able to keep the letters in alphabetical order on the fridge....then Dom came along :)
 YUMMMM....Cheesy poofs....
 True to his guido nature, Dom LOVES him some spaghetti.  Maybe I should start tracking things Dom doesn't might be less work :)

Thank you Instagram for bringing life to my cell phone pics!  Next up...BIRTHDAY PARTY!

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