Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Dominic

We started Dom's birthday with homemade chocolate chip pancakes....why not start the sugar rush early!  Nom nom nom....
Here's some of the prep-work and set up pics...then the good stuff!  Thank you Pinterest for giving me ALL these ideas....seriously, Instagram and did I ever live without you?

 Just need a birthday boy....
 Party favor bags, blowers, and headbands...
 Party swag:

 AMAZING cake made by Noni....and not only was it beautiful, it was delicious too!  (I may still be munching on the leftovers....shhh, if nobody knows, it doesn't have calories!).
 Signing the cutest picture ever....

Ok, here's the fun pics (thanks Alli for taking most of them!)....

Goofballs....I have no idea what Vince is doing...

 It's perfectly normal for the birthday boy's mom to wear Minnie Mouse ears, right?

 Oh yeah, I'm framing this one :)

 It's cake time....He's SO excited!

 Wait, why did you take MY cake away????
 Much better...

 Present time!

 Bahahahaha....Erin K gave Dom a giftcard to Golden's a running joke that Tony LOVES buffets and sometimes eats at Golden Corral by himself b/c I am not a fan....well, now he has a lifetime buffet buddy.

 He really does LOVE him a smooch!

 What did Dom get for his birthday???  A BRAND NEW TRUCK!

 Apparently I was the only one interested in getting her picture taken :)  Oh well!
 Happy Birthday Baby Boy!  Mommy and Daddy LOVE you so much and can't wait for the next 100 birthdays!

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