Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cake Smash

Are you prepared for epic cuteness?  Uncle Patrick was nice enough to take some smash cake pics for Dom's upcoming first birthday and Noni once again outdid herself with a teddy bear cake.  

Please keep in mind I am not supposed to be in the ignore my tshirt :)  haha, classy mommy!  

Don't you just love his outfit...or is it just me?  Tony thinks its ridiculous but I adore it!  

Oddly enough, he wasn't as interested in the cake as I had expected....the icing on the other hand was pretty tasty!
 Then Patrick had the idea to get Nathan and Vince in on the smashing....

 and now it was my turn.....

 I love the way the pics turned out!  Just what I was looking for and we had lots of fun!  Can't wait till his Mickey Mouse party this weekend!   How is my BABY a year old?????

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