Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Party

Patrick, Julie, and Nathan hosted an amazing Halloween party yesterday! We took a cute lil pumpkin (who was less than excited about his costume):And Spiderman...who joined his cousin, Captain America.

Here's grandpa with his 3 boys....clearly, none of them were in the posing mood.
Then Popeye and Olive Oyl showed up:
As well as Noni and Papi:

There was a bean bag toss:

Bouncy castle:

Jousting ring:
The "main event" was Battling Barbara (aka my mom) vs. Evil Erin. Lets just say I took the old lady down :)

Then Patrick challenged me. I fought a fierce fight but in the end, he won...after a cheap shot to the face.

Next up was Tony vs. Patrick. Here's some highlights:

Then it was the kids' turn:

There was also a football throw:
A three-legged race:
Basketball throw:
And bobbing for apples:
I knew Vince wouldn't stick his head in the water....I know that boy too well....mainly b/c he IS ME.
Instead, he just picked them up and watched them plop in the water:
Patrick also did some family Photography for the guests:

Here's the cutest triceratops I've ever seen. This is Audrey (my nephew's girlfriend's daughter...isn't she precious?).

Speaking of my handsome nephew (Matt) he is with his girlfriend, Brandy.
Lastly, Vince found the COTTON CANDY. As if he wasn't already high on cupcakes, brownies, candy, juice boxes, etc... Look at that face, that is pure, unadulterated happiness.

Audrey got her hands (and face) on some too:

Couldn't you just eat her up?

Me and that handsome boy:
Before we left, Spiderman needed one more cupcake for the road:
and it was finger-licking good:
Surprisingly, Spiderman went all day without a nap....I guess it was all the sugar running through his veins. We had SUCH a great time! The Owens sure do know how to throw down. HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone! Can't wait to take the boy trick-or-treating with Hannah tonight!