Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

The one thing I look forward to every October is going to the Pumpkin Farm. I love the weather, the colors, and the good old fashioned family fun (as cheesy as that sounds). This year though, we were joined by Patrick, Julie, Nathan, Grandma, Grandpa, Alli, and Kendal...and again, it proved to be tons of fun....well, except for the corn maze.

Chesterfield Berry Farm offered LOTS of fun activities for the kids (and the kids at heart). The boys were so excited when we got there that they just took off running.

They loved feeding the animals:

Nathan enjoyed the paintball target practice:
Vince....not so much:
The corn cob shooter thing was also a big hit:
Yep, still excited:
Climbing the huge hay bales:
Once again, Nathan proves to be the dare-devil while my kid sits there safely:

Everything was going great....and then we decided to do the corn maze. 8 acres of corn maze. 11 people to keep together. 1 hungry newborn. 2 toddlers with small bladders. 1 grandpa with a heart condition. Useless map. 37 impossible questions about strawberries to "guide" us through the maze. About 1 hour later, we emerged a little frazzled but alive. I never thought I would have to feed my baby while walking through a cornfield and watch my 3 year old pee on a cornstalk....and I hope I never do again.

At least Nathan enjoyed being lost in the maze.

We (finally) made it on the tractor out to the pumpkin patch.

What a great family fun day! Hope we have many more to come! I wanna check out apple picking next!!!

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  1. Amazing how the right collection of photos along with clever captioning can even make that damn Corn Maze seem fun! All-in-All it was a good time though. Sorry I fell short on my photos and video, but you have great photos for us to look back on.