Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where's William and Mary?

Today was my 10 year college reunion/homecoming at William and am I that old??We left Dom with Noni and Papi then took off with Vince. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see a few folks we were hoping to see (Brian, Susan, & Matt) due to timing of Mr. Cranky Pant's nap.

I kept telling Vince we were going to see William and Mary but didn't really think anything more of it till he asked, "Where's William and Mary?". I said "We're here, buddy. This whole place is W&M." He was pretty upset and said, "No, I want to see WILLIAM AND MARY"....evidently he thought we were meeting up with people by those names. OOPS!

Once we clarified that, we walked the campus and took a few pics. Isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Since it was just the 3 of us, I asked Vince to take mine and Tony's picture. I was a little scared as my 3 year old held my nice camera (terrified that he'd drop it on the brick walkway and it would shatter into a million pieces) but he looked so cute and was so proud of himself. I gotta give him credit, except for the fact that I had to straighten this bad boy, he did a pretty good job...nothing a little editing can't fix! Future photographer??
We happened to run into the best roommate ever and her handsome hubby on our walk down DOG street.
And she was kind enough to take our family picture...even though they were eating a yummy Cheese Shop lunch.
Posing outside the Wren building:
Running alongside the Sunken Gardens:

It was nice seeing the campus and visiting with some friends. I can't believe how much I'd forgotten already (like the names of the dorms I lived in...duh), surely I won't remember anything by the 20 year reunion!

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