Saturday, October 22, 2011


Thursday, I braved the zoo with just me, Vince, and Nathan. Let's just say, I was surrounded by wild animals....both caged and running loose. I think they had a good time, they're so cute together.

They were both super excited to see the monkeys.
They even pretended to be monkeys (it came pretty naturally for them):

It's hard to see but the sign on the left says "Spider Monkey" seemed fitting, as we always quote Talladega Nights "I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey".
Nathan was pretty intrigued by these huge tortoises. We had to watch them SLOWLY walk into the little pond and back out again.

They were both excited to feed the giraffes. That is, until Vince felt one of their tongues on his hand then he quickly peaced out. Nathan still enjoyed it!

We all hopped on board the zoo train for a quick ride to see more animals.
Lastly, we saw some kangaroos.
And the boys did their best kangaroo impersonation.
Those two were still going strong after all that fun but this old lady was exhausted....probably would've helped if I'd slept past 4:30am that day. Will Dom ever sleep more than 3 hours at a time???

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  1. Thanks for taking me to the Zoo Aunt Erin.....
    Love, Nathan Parker