Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The last few weeks we've done a lot of Pinterest inspired activities....how did I ever live without Pinterest????  

Painting with M&M's as seen here: (this was really cool)

 I found at least a gazillion things to do with a SOLO cup.  Captain hook hook as seen here:
 Rocket ship launcher from here:
 Pom Pom Shooter from here:
 Nerf gun shooting range from here:
 Then we made some angry birds as seen here: (these may turn into invites for his bday party)
And lastly, this Ivory soap experiment from here:
I hope Vince enjoys these activities as much as I do :)  

Mr. Smiley

Just a gratuitous picture for the grandma's......

Our day in pictures

I'm totally digging this warm weather.  We grabbed a couple of happy meals and our shades and headed out to the park today!  

We ran into my friend Whitney and her kids Cooper and Elliott.  The kids were excited to have someone to play with.

Then we came home and read some books to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday week.  Even Dom got in on the action.

 Vince acting goofy for Dom.
 Nobody makes his kid smile like his crazy brother.

What's a mommy day without a dance party?  Party Rock and I'm sexy and I know it are some of our personal favorites....(again, Dom smiling at Vince)

 Dom is getting a hang of this sitting up thing....as long as the Boppy is around his waist in case he falls to the side.

 Vince decided to stack the cups for him......

 but poor Dom ended up empty handed for a few minutes....and wasn't happy about it.

What a great day!  I love mommy days!  Hope everyone else is enjoying this weather :)

Anybody notice Vince's new do?  He requested spikey hair this morning so I got out my hair gel to oblige....and I kinda really like it!!  Any thoughts?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Marshmallow Shooter

When I saw this marshmallow shooter in the dollar section at Michael's I knew we had to have it.  Vince can make a pretend gun out of anything so a real gun is a total score!!

Loading the ammo:
 Ready, set, FIRE:
 What?  No, I didn't just sneak a marshmallow mommy....
I was right, he loved it....and so did I....I may or may not have used it on Tony....a few times....