Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Our poor little man was sick all weekend.  Bronchiolitis and a double ear infection.  If I never see a nebulizer again, I'll be perfectly happy.  His pediatrician gave him 2 shots of Rocephin so at least we don't have to do the 10 day course of antibiotics.
He seemed to feel a little better today and gave us a few smiles and took a nice long nap on mommy.  

Vince was such an angel all weekend.  It had to be pretty boring sitting around the house and going back and forth to the Dr with a sick brother but he was a trooper.  I had to take this cute picture from when he woke up from his "nap".  I'm not sure he ever actually slept but he sure did read a few books.
Hope everyone else had a better weekend than the Zatelli clan.

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