Saturday, May 30, 2015

Instagram Upload

Again, lots of pics....I'll try to narrate some.

Does this need narration?  It was lunch time, I was stressed out, I may have sat by myself at the bar and quietly drank my wine.  Don't judge.  
 Awwww, my favorite nurse at MCV brought me this at work one day.
 Yeah, that cheeeeeeese face kills me.
 My sweet handsome nephew.  Love this guy.
 Me and Natalie out having fun.
 Guess where we were!  Look, Dom isn't terrified anymore!
 My 10th Pharmacy School reunion.  HOW HAS IT BEEN 10 YEARS?????

 Sunshine shining on my sunshine.  Such a handsome fella he is.
 Not a bad view, huh?
 I've tried a lot of things (other than wine) to relieve stress....walking/running is one of them (though one time I lost my keys at the park while walking and had a minor heart attack- NOT the stress relief I was looking for).  Anyway, one day I went to Belle Isle and walked around and stared at the river....ALL BY MYSELF.  It was pretty great.

 OMG.  This book.  I happened to pick it up at Barnes while Vince was browsing.  It's about all the things we wish for our kids (curiosity, wonder, friendship, strength, laughter, peace).  Pretty much turned me into a sappy tearful mess.  Thanks assholes.  Just kidding....its great.  I bought it and have read it many times.  It could apply to so many people other than just kids. Grads, friends, myself....go buy it!
 There's that handsome man again.  I love being so close in age to my nephew...and my kids ADORE him.
 Yep, 2 monkeys in the tree...
 Oh wait, make that 3 monkeys in the tree thinks I'm 26....and they were right about Dom so it has to be right about me!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
 Ahhhh, love when he falls asleep on me.
 Our Steve and Creeper heads came in.....

 My attempt at TNT for Vince's Party!
 Passing out after a busy weekend.
 This guy.  PJ shirt, boxers (on backwards), and rain boots....because why not!
 Noni couldn't make them this time so I had to attempt it.  Here's my first cupcake for one of the kids parties.  For the record, the icing tip for that "grass" look SUCKS.  I did like 10 this way then said screw it and just iced them normally.  Best.Mom.Ever.
 Pre-party prep.  Iced mocha.  YUMMMM....
 Bro's before Ho's.  Love these munchkins.
 This is Dom's speech homework.  Mrs. Susan wants him to practice sentences with these words and she always uses superheroes to keep his we modified it and Vince helped us out!  "Captain America has a ______ ".
 I haven't worn a watch since I was pregnant with Vince.  First, I was too fat (ok, pregnant but I was a VERY large pregnant woman) then I was worried I would scratch him or hit him with it so I just got out of the habit of wearing one.  Then I saw this on a blog and it was backordered at Nordstrom but I wasn't in a hurry so I splurged and got myself this bad boy for mother's day.  I wasn't even sure if I would like wearing one again and its pretty heavy BUT its a beauty isn't it?  I get compliments on it every time I wear it.  Oddly enough, I still don't even look at it for the time, I look at my phone.  Creature of habit, I guess.
 Putt putt with the boys
 Belle Isle with Whitney and her kiddos!
 Cookout with the Krebbs'
 Yeah, isn't it a shame that they hate each other.
 Oh my.  This boy is in love with Hannah.....trouble is brewing.

I took Dom to speech last week and got to a stop light, looked back, and saw this.  I had no idea I was driving the blue power ranger around, sword and all.  I LOVE the fact that he marches to his own beat and doesn't care what anyone thinks.  I want to be him when I grow up.
 My girls Erin and Sara and I went to dinner the other night.  Sushi, 2 huge desserts, and 3 bottles of wine later......what a fun night.
 Dom just doing some light reading while Vince plays soccer.

That's it for now!  HOpe to be back before June is over!  

Vince's 7th Birthday

Ummmmm did that just say Vince's 7th birthday?  What the what?  How is that possible?  My sweet baby boy wanted a Minecraft party....and I was more than happy to oblige.  There's approximately 9,890 pics so sit back and're gonna be here awhile.  

Of course, we all wore Minecraft shirts. The family that creeps together, stays together.  (my shirt says Creepers gonna creep - thought it was funny).  

 Getting ready to head out!
 The party was at SCOR, an indoor soccer field.

 They played soccer and dodgeball.

 Then pigged out on pizza, snacks, and cake.

Contents of the party favor bags:  blind box, folding box, gold brick with candy inside, creeper candy, and TNT.
I have a 7 year old!  Crazy how fast time flies.  It wasn't that long ago he looked like this:
Ok, now I'm gonna cry....thanks a lot.