Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ghosts of Halloween Past and Present

Well, there weren't any ghosts but here's a look at the last few years.  

2008 - My tiny little monkey (Vince was only 6 months old)
 2009- DJ Lance Rock
 2010 - Cutest Pirate EVER
 2011 - Spiderman
 2011 - Dom was only like 6 or 7 weeks old (too young to fight dressing in these costumes...SCORE!)
 2012- Leonardo
 and Rafael
 The TMNT attack...

Luigi -
Mario - 
 Super Mario Bros -

 Vince showed me how to "ground pound"

 I wish I could say that is a prosthetic belly....but its all Dommy's :)
 Pretending to be riding a baby Yoshi (it's a Mario thing)

 Being Little Luigi
Dearest 2 year molars:  I would love to have pics of Dom without drool running down his face so PLEASE hurry up and come in, already.  Thank you.

 This is our version of MarioKart.

 It's so nice to be able to go outside and PLAY for hours without getting bit by mosquitos.  I love this time of year.  Happy Halloween!  See ya back here Thursday night!

Instagram Upload

I was kinda sorta on vacation this week but I worked Monday, had a flu clinic on Thursday, and my store had a visit from the Board of Pharmacy on Friday (so my techs called and texted me all day)...I wouldn't count that as a vacation :)
 These boys rarely sit still...much less I thought this had to be documented.
 Vince and I picked up Nathan on Saturday for a fun-filled wkend!
 First thing he did was find the Nerf guns :)
 Dom likes his hair is it possible he needs ANOTHER hair cut already?
 Dom wasn't too sure about the pumpkin guys...
 Here's another shot of the craziness...
 My pumpkin
 Nathan's pumpkin

 Someone was super proud of his masterpiece...
 They looked really good all lit up.
 Dom loves Nathan.  Like really LOVES him.
 Brave man Nathan cleaning out the pumpkin by himself.
After everyone left, me and the boys piled into my bed and watched Charlie Brown and ate popcorn.
 Then Nathan and Vince started fist fighting....boys will be boys...
 They were soooo good, it was nice cuddling with them all.
 Deep into imaginative play....
 Look how Dom watches Nathan...loves him.
 After all the boys were finally in bed, this tired momma laid in bed....and uploaded 494 photos...just a minor project.
 Already mentioned this but here's my favorite photo of the day....
 I foolishly thought since the boys went to bed late they'd sleep in on Sunday.  HAHAHAHA boy am I dumb.  Yeah, they were ALL 3 awake by 6:30am.  God help me.  What else is there to do but go to the donut store and buy a dozen donuts.  I made them vampires :)
The boys loved it and liked playing vampires themselves.... 
Then they were my knights in shining armor.  Then they were gun slingers, grenade launchers, sword fighters, and zombies....sometimes all at the same time.  It was a busy morning.  
 Then thankfully, they got tired and played iPad for a little while.  Whew.
We were sad to see Nathan go home.  We all had a great time!