Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trash Pack Video

Ok so this requires some explaining.  Its no secret that Vince loves him some YouTube.  He watches videos about Hot Wheels, Mario Brothers, Trash Pack....really anything he wants to "research" and learn more about.  He has been wanting to make his own video for awhile now (and become a YouTube sensation??).  He mentioned it again this afternoon when I surprised him with some more "Trashies".  I don't "get" this whole Trash Pack thing but he LOVES them so I go with it.  Its these little characters that are trash (spaghetti noodles, an old camera, an old tv, etc etc etc).  He created a battle arena and lets his trashies "fight".  Anyways, after a few attempts of recording him and practicing, this was the best video...till Daddy farted...ok, that made it even better.  He's already planning video number 2.  Brace yourselves people.  

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