Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Instagram Upload

Here's our last few weeks via Instagram!  

Sneak peek at Oct 31st!  Can't wait!
Dominic is obsessed with character bandaids.  I always feel like I have to tell people, "there's no booboos, he just likes bandaids."  But he always throws a fit when I take them off so I decided to try tattoos.  I think we got up to 5 before I called it quits.  At least there was only 1 meltdown after a few days when I took them off instead of multiple per day!
 He loves to color!
 Vince had pink eye and had to stay home from school.  I took this as our opportunity for a mommy date.  We hit up the movies and saw Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2.  I love that kid....pink eye or not!
 With all the rain we had lately, we took advantage and did a little puddle jumping!

 Too bad we really only have 1 puddle that forms....

 I love cute rain boots....
 And cute kids...

 The boys stayed at grandmas house one day when school was out.  This happened on the way home.  Out cold!
 I NEVER have cash.  Like never ever.  So Tony gave Vince a notebook to keep tabs on his allowance....so mommy wouldn't "cheat him"...thanks babe.
 I got all Martha Stewarty one day and made Halloween cupcakes.  There's a reason I am a pharmacist and not a baker.
 But the boys loved em...that's all that matters.
 We did a little colored shaving cream painting in the tub....

 Pumpkin patch with my pumpkin.
 Sometimes naps go smoothly, sometimes not so much....today was great!
 Me and the boys hit up the park after school today.  It was a beautiful afternoon!

 Spikey hair stylin...
 Those brown eyes....what a cutie pie!  Oh and these are our latest obsession - TRASH PACK.  Don't ask...actually you don't have to, he has a video coming soon.
 We all went to dinner and hung out at the mall....including making wishes in the fountain.
 This looks bad but it ended just fine :)

I tried to look at shoes at Nordstrom on the way out.  I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out!  There's a reason I don't shop much anymore.....actually there's 2 reasons!  
I have several videos coming soon...hopefully!

Update:  Dom has had 2 speech appointments now.  We're working on P and B sounds (puppy, bubbles, bus, pop) and giving him 2 choices (so that hopefully he'll SAY one).  He has definitely gotten better and actually TRIES to say words...may not sound right but at least he tries.  He still VERY consistently calls us mama, dada, and Vincey.  He asks for juice, says hi and bye, and has started "singing" songs like abc's, wheels on the bus, etc....we'll get there!

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