Saturday, October 26, 2013

Punkin decorating

We did some massive pumpkin decorating today.  I admit, I suffer from Pinterest guilt.  I had all these hopes and plans of decorating the house and yard and making cute appetizers and goody bags (from all my Pinterest ideas).  But alas, none of this happend...and you know what??? WE STILL HAD FUN! 
Disclaimer:  The pics are kind of all over the place.  I was trying to clean out the pumpkins and take pics WITHOUT getting pumpkin guts on my camera so there's not really any order to my chaos.  

We painted....
 and did Mr. Potato Head-like stick em in the pumpkin decorations (that's the official term)...
 of course these boys were their normal crazy selves...
 Cousins make the best friends :)

Cracked me up.  My boys are like night and day.  So my parents bought this motorized bike thingy for Vince like 3 years ago.  He was terrified of it.  Wouldn't ride it.  Its been collecting dust in my laundry room forever.  I brought it out a few days ago just to see and sure enough...Dom stradled that thing, hit the button, and never looked back.  At least I know anything we got for Vince that didn't get used has a second chance.

Ummm, I'm in love with this picture.  Like seriously IN LOVE.
 HAHA, I swear Nathan was having fun even though it doesn't look like it here...but Dom was having a blast hanging out with him.  Dom loves him some Nate-Dawg.

 Team work...

 Yeah, that would be Vince's masterpiece on the bottom...
 Dom and Eli painting....

 New meaning to "double fisting"

 Eli loved cleaning out the pumpkin...

 Nikita and Kadijah (my parents foster kids) were my helpers!  They "dug" right in...literally.

 And Kadafi is ALL BOY!  It wears me out watching him, Nathan, and Vince play.
 Nathan LOVED the whole pumpkin cleaning and carving thing.  He did awesome!

 Spoiled much??  Both grandmas here, Dom doesn't have to put his feet on the ground.

 Pumpkin carving turned in to dress up....whatever makes them happy.
 Hannah and Ellie decorating...

So I REALLY wanted a pic with all the kids and the pumpkins (Eli left early and Ellie wasn't interested...there were 9 there originally) but that is a tall order.  Chances of me getting all 7 remaining kids to participate and smile and look at the camera were slim to none....till I bribed them with S'MORES!  I'm not ashamed, I'm actually quite pleased with my creativity :)  Anywho...I knew it would be chaos but I have to admit, I am thrilled with the result.  We had so much fun!

 Yep, chaos.

There are some other pics from my phone that I'll post later...have a good night and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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