Sunday, October 25, 2015

Marathon Jr.

The boys are very excited about my race coming up and always ask about my running so when I saw that there was a kids marathon (1/2 mile), I signed them up!!  Erin signed up Ellie and Hannah too! The best part - it was a Halloween race so they got to wear costumes!!  I had the bright idea for Erin and I to dress up too....and we had a the only adults to dress up!!!!!  

 Quite the bunch!
 Superhero twins!

 I LOVE THIS PIC of the girls!
 I'm pretty bummed that I decided to "run" with the boys because I wasn't sure how Dom would do (knowing Vince would take off and leave him in the dust).  Well, Dom took off and left me in the dust (I may have been worried my skirt would fly up so I mostly walked).  I wish I had just stayed at the finish line to take their pics coming in!!  Oh well, next year!  There's Dom as Iron Man!
 There's Dom cheating!
 Poor Ellie fell early on but she's a trooper and crossed the finish line with Erin....errrr, I mean Batgirl.
 They all got medals!

 All this training and they get marathon medals before me!!!  Wtf?
 Just like Erin, Sara, and I celebrate big runs with huge meals, we took these clowns to Applebees afterwards.  We may have gotten a few looks from other guests.  I wanted a pic of Vince and Hannah....Dom totally photobombed EVERY SINGLE ONE!

I always have so much fun with these kids!  I'm so glad they're such good friends b/c I also happen to love their mom and dad!  Ok, enough posts for one night....and I'm all caught up!  See ya in another month or two!!!!

Pumpkin Patch

A few weekends ago, the boys and I went to Hanover Vegetable Farms to go pumpkin all time favorite fall activity!  The boys love the fun things they have to do there!  

 Some nice mom (with 5, yes 5 boys!!!!!) took our picture!!!!  5 boys! Wowsa!

 Vince is my budding photographer.  He begged me to let him have the here are his pics.

 Dom had to have his turn behind the camera too!
 I had no idea Vince took these next 2 pics of the apples and pumpkins until I got home and uploaded the pics.  I LOVE THEM!  What a good eye!  Those are shots I probably wouldn't have ever gotten.

 Vince also took this one of me that I LOVE.  I may have to start paying him to take pics!!!