Sunday, October 25, 2015

September Recap

Its only the end of October and I'm posting a September recap - oops!

Me and Trudy at girls night!  
 My lead tech Lauren got me this:
 Field Day of the Past with our friend:

 Dom LOVED his "beer" (aka root beer)
 My monkey:
 Every week during training there's a photographer taking are some from the first few weeks:

 Dom had his 4 year check up so we celebrated with a mommy day....and donuts, of course
.....and a walk in the park.....
 My sister sent me this pic - this is called foreshadowing!
 Oh UCI bike week - made my work life difficult but I caught a few minutes of the race
 Why is Dom crying in the corner, you ask?  That would be because Chuck E Cheese was at Vince's school's bash and he was TERRIFIED!
 Chuck E Cheese came out to say hi to other kids (nowhere near us) and Dom took off running to hide behind a bush.  Poor kid!
 Fire week at daycare meant Firefighter Dom!

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