Sunday, October 25, 2015

October Recap

This will be called October recap - minus 2 big days :)  (those posts to follow)

I love cuddling with this guy.
 Yes, that's vince trying out the selfie stick
 I love his hair short!
 Sweet sleepy boy
 Post 10 mile run!  Our first double digit run!  This was followed up with a HUGE brunch at Millie's Diner.
 Then we all met up with kiddos for the Powhatan Fall Festival.

 Steve Urkel aka Dominic
 My timehop has had some pretty memorable pics lately.  I love that we're still just as close to these friends.  Vince and Hannah 5 years ago:
 Vince and Cooper 5 years ago!
 After running last weekend, I headed up to a winery in Charlottesville.  Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard.  OH MY was breathtaking!

 This kid!!  We forgot it was picture day so the outfit isn't great but that damn smile is TROUBLE!
 Pumpkin carving!

More October posts to come!

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