Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

A few weekends ago, the boys and I went to Hanover Vegetable Farms to go pumpkin all time favorite fall activity!  The boys love the fun things they have to do there!  

 Some nice mom (with 5, yes 5 boys!!!!!) took our picture!!!!  5 boys! Wowsa!

 Vince is my budding photographer.  He begged me to let him have the here are his pics.

 Dom had to have his turn behind the camera too!
 I had no idea Vince took these next 2 pics of the apples and pumpkins until I got home and uploaded the pics.  I LOVE THEM!  What a good eye!  Those are shots I probably wouldn't have ever gotten.

 Vince also took this one of me that I LOVE.  I may have to start paying him to take pics!!!

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