Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

I just came across this video I took with my phone last weekend and giggled. We met up with Hannah for ice cream and she kept trying to feed Vince (and I mean over and over and over) is a small clip. Oh I can't wait till they're together for a solid week at the beach!

Hi Woody! Where Buzz?

I mentioned a few posts ago that we started watching Toy Story. Well we've only watched Toy Story 2 (at least half a dozen times) so far but Vince loves it! So I thought I'd be nice and surprise him with a Woody doll today. What's the first thing out of my grateful child's mouth?? "Hi Woody! Where Buzz?" Don't get me wrong, he loved the Woody doll but I don't know what I was thinking only getting one and not the other. DUH! Here he is showing off Woody.
We then jumped in the car and headed back to Toys R Us. Luckily Toys Story stuff is all over the place so it wasn't hard to find! All is right in the world now. Can anyone say SPOILED???
He was pretty obsessed with the cowboy hat and boots all night (he has always had a thing for hats and shoes) so you know mommy's gonna start looking for a kid's cowboy hat. The "photographer" in me can't wait for a picture of a naked butt and cowboy hat!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lego Land

Ever wonder what my two boys do on the nights mommy works??? Probably not, but I'm gonna tell you anyway! Apparently my living room turns into Lego Land! Here's the tower daddy and Vince built last night. I was a little curious as to why there was a huge tower on Vince's dresser when I went in to get him this morning. Tony easily explained, "he refused to go to bed unless we brought the tower upstairs." Since daddy buys him legos every time we go to Toys R Us, I think he's pretty excited that Vince has finally started playing with least till he steps on one in the dark and starts cussing.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Slip N Slide

To finish off this HOT day, I thought we'd set up a Slip N Slide. I wasn't sure if he'd like it or not but.....SCORE!!! It was a hit! However, it was more of a Slip N Jump, as there was no sliding involved! Oh and it was kind of a last minute idea so I forgot to put him in Little Swimmer's and swim trunks so you'll notice the drawers sagging at the end :)

Me and droopy drawers had a great day together. He's such a good kid and I'm so glad I get to spend this time with him. After our fun-filled day, we curled up on the couch and watched Toy Story 2 (though it was the first one that we've ever seen). He was watching it but I didn't realize that he "got it" till he jumped off the couch, grabbed his favorite Elmo doll, gave him a big hug, and said "Hi Elmo Hi. I love you, Elmo!". It was so sweet, I almost cried :)

Children's Museum

Since its SO hot outside, I decided to take Vince to the new Children's Museum in Short Pump today. Its a lot smaller than the other one but geared more toward his age group. They have a castle, water play, a train, a giant ship, and more. He had a blast! Hannah even came to play before we left.

This beautiful fish tank greeted us at the entrance. He was SOLD from this point on! Then we headed over to the water tables. He was not a fan of the apron I made him wear:
But once he gave up trying to get the apron off, he had lots of fun with the water.

And even splashed himself good...needless to say this was the end of the water fun!
Then he went to the garden to pick some vegetables (must've been for someone else though, my child sure won't eat his veggies...):

He's saying "bunny hop" in this picture.
Then he was off to pick some berries:

Then he wanted to build stuff:

Hannah and Erin joined us unexpectedly! We were so happy to see them! Hannah is captain of the ship here:
Meanwhile Vince mops the deck:

Now he's the captain of his own (little) ship:
Vince and I had already ridden the train twice before they got there so it was their turn:
"Bye Hannah, bye"
I love the next 3 pictures. Vince found this flower and wanted Hannah to have it. What a gentleman!

Then we did some artwork:
Then my OCD child had to "fix" the marker situation. All the markers were capped with the wrong color so he had to take charge:
Introducing King Vince and Queen Hannah:
I believe Erin K said, "I'm so glad I spent $16 to read books". Hannah LOVES to read!
Our last hoorah was the train one more time before leaving for lunch and nap BUT there wasn't enough room for me so Vince had to ride by himself. Given what you know about my child, how do YOU think this ride ended? He looks pretty confident before the ride started, doesn't he? I think he's saying, "I got this, mom". Does he enjoy the ride by himself or have a meltdown? Scroll down to see the finished face:

Yeah, anybody surprised by this face at all? Didn't think so! Halfway through the ride, I heard my child screaming, "OUT....OUT.....OUT". I wish it wasn't so blurry but the train was still going....
He really did enjoy the museum though but at $16/visit we won't be going too much. We're looking forward to library story time starting up again next week.

"Listening ears"

Vince has been 2 for about a month now but its like overnight that he really turned TWO!!!! I went to pick Vince up at school yesterday and peeked in the window of his classroom only to see everyone else at the table having fun with the teacher but no sign of my monkey. I opened the door, thinking maybe he was so good they took him up to the next class to visit his friends that just moved up but OH NO! My kid was THE kid in the corner in time out! I couldn't help but giggle to myself. His daily report sheet said "Vince had an ok day. He had to be reminded several times to use his listening ears." Then the "my disposition today" checkbox was marked "Other: Uncooperative"....which is always either happy, friendly, chatty, or energetic. Have we officially hit the terrible two's??? Although I'm not looking forward to that stage, it is very cute to see his personality come out! I have a feeling those big brown eyes are gonna get him out of a lot of trouble....with mommy at least :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Daddy's Home and Swimming with Hannah

Daddy was gone all last week to the WWDC in San Francisco. In layman's terms that means he was at the "Apple Nerd Convention." Noni came with us yesterday to pick him up at Dulles Airport. We made a day of it and made a stop at Ikea (I am SO in love with Ikea but that's not what this post is about) and Potomac Mills. For a little man who only slept about 30 minutes in the car, he was an angel! Once we all made it home safely, daddy gave Vince & I our presents. We all got Apple shirts! Mine and Tony's are long sleeve though so we won't be sporting those for awhile! As soon as Vince saw it he had to put it on! I think I have another Apple geek on my hands :) After naptime today, we all joined the Krebbs at their pool. Vince was hesitant to take off his shoes and shirt but once I bribed him, he was fine! This kid will do anything for ice cream :) First they started in the baby pool....
Here's Hannah cheesing it up for the camera:
Then we ventured to the big pool:
Vince LOVED it! He started kicking his feet like he knew what he was doing:

Surprisingly, Hannah was a little more hesitant (she's usually the dare devil):
He showed daddy how well he can jump:
Then we headed back to the baby pool so we could rest.....and here's Vince watering Hannah:

And here's the greatest face ever! Erin K had just come up out of the water and surprised her:

Relaxing by the pool:

Of course they only sat there together for a split second so this is the only pic I got:
Thanks for having us at the pool Erin, Hannah, and Krebbs! We had a blast! I think we can officially say that we're ready for the beach!