Thursday, June 10, 2010

Workin at the car wash, girl!

I decided that since we've been driving daddy's car all around town the past week, Vince and I would give it a good washing before he got home. Turns out he's a big helper! First we sprayed the car off: Then he filled up the soap bucket:
And started washing:

Looks pretty good, right?
He even put the hose away:
Or so I thought......then all of a sudden he turned around and soaked me!

Then I got even! We both looked like drowned rats but had SO much fun playing!
As if we weren't cooled off enough from the hose, we both enjoyed a tasty popsicle. I remembered that my mom got him this nifty device last year that holds popsicles so your hand doesn't get cold or sticky (and if you turn it upside down it has a hole for ice cream cones too!). It worked great!

What started off as a rough day with a terrible trip to the pool, ended great! We sure do miss daddy though!

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