Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Listening ears"

Vince has been 2 for about a month now but its like overnight that he really turned TWO!!!! I went to pick Vince up at school yesterday and peeked in the window of his classroom only to see everyone else at the table having fun with the teacher but no sign of my monkey. I opened the door, thinking maybe he was so good they took him up to the next class to visit his friends that just moved up but OH NO! My kid was THE kid in the corner in time out! I couldn't help but giggle to myself. His daily report sheet said "Vince had an ok day. He had to be reminded several times to use his listening ears." Then the "my disposition today" checkbox was marked "Other: Uncooperative"....which is always either happy, friendly, chatty, or energetic. Have we officially hit the terrible two's??? Although I'm not looking forward to that stage, it is very cute to see his personality come out! I have a feeling those big brown eyes are gonna get him out of a lot of trouble....with mommy at least :)

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  1. Just wait, it will only be cute for so long. Erin has been giving us the terrible twos for quite awhile now. We're hoping that they move on out as she approaches 3.