Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi Woody! Where Buzz?

I mentioned a few posts ago that we started watching Toy Story. Well we've only watched Toy Story 2 (at least half a dozen times) so far but Vince loves it! So I thought I'd be nice and surprise him with a Woody doll today. What's the first thing out of my grateful child's mouth?? "Hi Woody! Where Buzz?" Don't get me wrong, he loved the Woody doll but I don't know what I was thinking only getting one and not the other. DUH! Here he is showing off Woody.
We then jumped in the car and headed back to Toys R Us. Luckily Toys Story stuff is all over the place so it wasn't hard to find! All is right in the world now. Can anyone say SPOILED???
He was pretty obsessed with the cowboy hat and boots all night (he has always had a thing for hats and shoes) so you know mommy's gonna start looking for a kid's cowboy hat. The "photographer" in me can't wait for a picture of a naked butt and cowboy hat!

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