Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Grandma came up for a visit today. We were supposed to go to story time at the library but mommy messed up the times so we went to the park instead!!! We had fun on the swing: And on the slide:
And playing soccer ball golf (don't ask):

And throwing sticks and rocks into the creek:
And having a picnic lunch:
And getting back rides:But the most fun of all was playing soccer and running out on the big open field:

Thanks for coming up to visit today, Grandma! Maybe next time we'll get to go to the library!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rob and Judy's Wedding Take 2

This weekend we got to celebrate with Uncle Rob and Aunt Judy for their Wedding (Part 2). We traveled out to Veritas Vineyard in Afton, VA for a wonderful time! Here's a few pics of the beautiful view:
And here's a few from the rehersal:

Oh wait, you wanted pics of the wedding party? Oops!

We were lucky enough to have Noni and Popi there as well so we actually got to get out by ourselves for the rehersal dinner at Vivace Restuarant. We had a lot of laughs (and drinks) and got a few good pics of the wedding party and their spouses. We had such a good time with everyone! Tony and I couldn't wait till the big day!

Daddy was gone all day doing Best Man duties (breakfast with the guys, rock climbing, and pictures) so Vince and I had to entertain ourselves....in a hotel room.....with a toddler....and no car.....AAAHHH! We did get to hang out with Noni and Popi for awhile at breakfast and they took us out to lunch, thank goodness! I tried to take Vince to the hotel's indoor pool but it was a nightmare! Lets just say Vince is not a fan! Poor guy! All I heard was, "No, No, No pool, no pool. Bye pool, bye water, bye pool. No pool, no no no pool!"

Finally the time came to head back to Veritas for the ceremony. If I may say so myself, he was PIMPING in his suit! He was a little monster-ish so we didn't get quite as many pics as I would've liked but here's a few of the best.

With the help of his iPhone chock full of kids apps and a bowl of goldfish, we survived the ceremony....with a few "Mooos and Woof Woofs" as he imitated one of the games. Then came the beautiful reception. He didn't own the dance floor quite as much as last weekend but he did visit Uncle Rob and Aunt Judy a few times. He also got a few dances in with daddy and his new friend, Amanda.

By about 10:30-11pm (that's right, my child was awake till 11pm...and it wasn't pretty), Noni and Popi took him back to the hotel with them, allowing us to stay and dance the night away. They said he was asleep before they even got to the stop sign outside Veritas. Tony and I were able to really enjoy our time with our old and new friends. It was such a great wedding. Tony said he wished they would get married again next weekend but I think we all agree, 2 weddings is plenty :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Soccer with Daddy and George

It was such a beautiful day on Sunday that we decided to head to the park to meet Uncle George for some soccer! Here's George showing Vince how to play:
I don't think he quite got it though b/c he kept picking up the ball

Somehow their balls got mixed up....anybody see anything wrong with this picture?
Here's daddy getting a good kick in:
And Vince chasing after the ball:
All that running sure does wear a boy out. Time to hitch a ride with daddy:
Did you have fun playing, Vince?

YEP! I think it's safe to say we might have another David Beckham on our hands :)

Juey and Rob

Vince's godparents, Judy (aka Juey to Vince) and Rob, got married in an Asian style wedding this past weekend and we all had the pleasure of attending. Here's a few pics of the beautiful bride and handsome groom.

Meanwhile, Vince got to play with his favorite girl, Hannah. Big thanks to our great friend, Erin!

Later on that evening, we all got ready for the reception!

Vince was pimping in his new suit!
Looks like the party is about to get started up in here! Vince loved hanging out on the dance floor with the ladies.....young or old, he didn't care!

I think he might've even come home with a few digits.....I gotta keep a close eye on the iPhone of his! We can't wait till this weekend to celebrate their "real" wedding with them! Lots more pics to come!

Welcome to our new and improved (hopefully) site!

I've been contemplating switching from our old site for quite a while now and since I haven't been able to update it in over a month because iWeb wasn't cooperating with me, I decided it was finally time! I'm new to using BlogSpot so I need a learning curve but everybody else seems to like it so here we go!