Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Juey and Rob

Vince's godparents, Judy (aka Juey to Vince) and Rob, got married in an Asian style wedding this past weekend and we all had the pleasure of attending. Here's a few pics of the beautiful bride and handsome groom.

Meanwhile, Vince got to play with his favorite girl, Hannah. Big thanks to our great friend, Erin!

Later on that evening, we all got ready for the reception!

Vince was pimping in his new suit!
Looks like the party is about to get started up in here! Vince loved hanging out on the dance floor with the ladies.....young or old, he didn't care!

I think he might've even come home with a few digits.....I gotta keep a close eye on the iPhone of his! We can't wait till this weekend to celebrate their "real" wedding with them! Lots more pics to come!

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