Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Instagram Upload and Easter pics

I probably should've posted some of these with the Easter Egg Hunt post but I didn't have my phone handy then.  Here was a bag full of 150 or so filled eggs for the hunt!  I love the colors!
 Here's the baskets and ears waiting for the bunnies....
 The Easter bunny was here....
 Love my bunnies!
 Vince and I got to have a mommy day a few weekends ago and it was AWESOME!  We went go-karting...
 Played arcade games....
And did laser tag (which was a little scary for him so I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon)....
 Found this pic of me.  I don't think I'll every be able to deny that's my kid!  Yowsers!
 Then we had build a fort night....
 And ice cream for dinner night....(I think he's waving hi in this pic)

 My sister found this gem of me as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle...HOT!
 Uh oh...the Cricut is out!! That means its bday party invitation time!
 Mr. Vince wants a LEGO party.....time to get crafy!
I LOVE NAPTIME...not just b/c its nice and quiet but b/c this still happens.  Kid loves sleeping on his mama...and mama loves it too!
 Mimi came up for a visit....and these boys wore her out.  Wild, crazy, non-stop....that just about describes them together.
 We've had such nice weather lately...we get to spend a lot of time outside!  Broke out the bikes one day!

 Nothing better than being a boy mom.  They love their mamas!
Watch out Jumpology, the Zatelli's and Krebbs' are here!  All 4 kids dominated the place.
 Then we visited Nathan!  Wilder, crazier, more non-stop describes these 3 together.
 The Easter Bunny left some pretty sweet baskets!  Vince got some 3DS games and Dom got some toys called Mashems...and of course a ton of candy.
 We had Easter dinner at Aunt Carey's house.  The boys love her piano.

 And Matt...they love Matt..

Dad and Bill did a little post dinner bonding....
I got Matt to take a few pics of us all dressed up!  

What a good few weeks!  I LOVE THESE BOYS!  Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

A few weeks ago Vince asked me if we could have an Easter Egg hunt.  To which I replied "ummmm YES and I've already planned it!".  I kinda like planning kids parties....kinda.  I really should change careers.  Anywho....once everyone got there, they got bunny ears and a basket and they were off...

 After they collected and opened all their eggs, it was time to dye them!  The kids did GREAT!  We were so impressed!

 Several dozen eggs later....here's the outcome.  I'd say they're pretty damn good!  SO MUCH FUN!
Now its time to plan Easter Sunday and Vince's 6th (yes I said 6th) birthday!