Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Instagram Upload and 2 1/2 year check up!

Hey stranger....yeah, you...it's been awhile!  How is it April 1?  I mean seriously?  And all I've heard all day is Vince telling everyone "you have a snake on your head.....hahaha APRIL FOOLS".  May is a big month, gotta rest up...and by rest up I mean plan a PARTY!

These 2...I mean 3...good thing I have a king size bed...
 We went to the Irish festival in Church Hill with Justin, Sara, and Eli a few weekends ago.  Lots of fun!  We also met up with Cooper and his sister.  Their dad was one of the dudes in a kilt in the parade!  Pretty cool!  These 2 were on a sugar high.  Sourdough donuts, ice cream....

 and COTTON CANDY!  Dominic was a hot mess.  People just walked by and laughed. Blue face from the ice cream and sticky blue hands from cotton candy.  It was a riot.  Thank god I carry wipes at all times.
 Vince had baseball practice...while he was stealing bases, I was stealing Dommy smooches.
 How do you keep 2 boys entertained when its raining outside?  Nerf gun shooting range, obviously.  Watch out...this kid is dangerous.
 I could just eat those cheeks up....

 New desk....courtesy of Aunt Carey....she made it :)
 Dom had his 2.5 year check up last week so we played hooky and hung out together all day.  He's so good and so much fun by himself (and an animal when his brother is around).  We shopped all day and ran errands.  It was great!
 Waiting for the Dr.  He looks so big here.  Crazy.  He was only 29 lbs....I thought for sure he had gained more than 1lb in 6 months.  Kinda crazy considering Ellie was 35lbs at 2yr and I always think of Dom as bigger than her.
 To celebrate a good day and appt, I took them both to Chuck E Cheese.  They had SO MUCH FUN.  Dom really gets into the games now too....and shoving the tickets into his pocket.
 Pretty sure we were about to get kicked out for stray skiballs being thrown every which way...

 $30 and 1.5 hours later, we had all these tickets....and we were able to buy plastic vampire teeth and 3 packs of smarties (which would total $1.50 anywhere else)...oh well, they had fun :)
 I think it's a well known saying "Brothers who shoot zombies together stay together"....you've all heard that, right?
Life has been stressful and cray cray lately so I needed some pampering.  A shampoo, cut, color, and style was just what the Dr. ordered.
 Seriously love this child.  I love how he grabs my face and plants a big smooch.  So damn adorable.
 We were waiting for the bus this morning when someone had to try on my shades...
 Another baseball practice for Vince means entertaining this kid for 1.5 hours.
 It was sooooo beautiful tonight and this boy is such a fun loving free spirit, it makes me happy just watching him play.

 My little dare devil got all the way to the top without help...
 So I'm trying a new tactic...Vince in a sleeping bag on the floor didn't help.  Now they're both in Vince's bed.  They both get to sleep fine and Dom wakes up around 12-1am to come in my bed but Vince sleeps all night there.  Oh well, its not ideal but its not terrible either.

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