Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

A few weeks ago Vince asked me if we could have an Easter Egg hunt.  To which I replied "ummmm YES and I've already planned it!".  I kinda like planning kids parties....kinda.  I really should change careers.  Anywho....once everyone got there, they got bunny ears and a basket and they were off...

 After they collected and opened all their eggs, it was time to dye them!  The kids did GREAT!  We were so impressed!

 Several dozen eggs later....here's the outcome.  I'd say they're pretty damn good!  SO MUCH FUN!
Now its time to plan Easter Sunday and Vince's 6th (yes I said 6th) birthday!


  1. Your hunt looked like a lot of fun!! I can't wait for ours this wknd. Any ideas yet for a theme for the 6th birthday? :)

    1. He wants a lego party so lego it is!! I feel behind in planning though, gotta get going!!
      Ps how do I change my status from no reply to reply??