Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple Picking Day

I've been wanting to go apple picking for awhile now but no other suckers kind, wonderful people would get up at the crack of dawn and go with me except Patrick, Julie, and Nathan. After a beautiful drive up to Charlottesville, we got to Carter Mountain Orchard and the boys were pumped and ready to search for yummy apples!
Nathan found the first one! There weren't many granny smiths left on the trees...
but we managed to find some other good ones...

This one looks tasty...
yep, it's a winner....

Then we drove up the mountain to a park and got some great pics!

It was a great fall day to spend with family! So glad I conned them into going they came along!


  1. All of those insulting....I mean Wonderful words (Sorry don't have the option to cross out words like you) about our day and not a single mention of your son's "Forrest Gump" routine?!? I still can't stop laughing. If you look at the photo of them running, you can see the road in the far off distance where he ran to. Easily 400 meters and never broke stride!!!!!
    Considering he was on 50% lung capacity from all that congestion makes it even more impressive!

  2. I'd make the drive again just for another (OK....A Dozen) Apple Donuts! Too bad Aunt Erin took them all with her, because when Nathan woke from his nap he whined for an hour for another Donut.

    I did have a great day...But then again, that's my kind of fun!