Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today was the day we've been waiting for......THE WIGGLES concert! Although Vince and Hannah had no idea what was coming, Erin and I were so excited! It was a great concert and the kids had a wonderful time. I sure hope they don't expect this every time we say, "wanna go watch the Wiggles?"

Here they are outside the Carpenter Center before it started:
We're ready: (we ran into my friend Amy and her son Luke while we were "shopping" for our Wiggles gear....and ironically they were sitting just a few rows ahead of us so she took this pic)
They both have Dorothy the Dinosaur...all is right in the world:
Here comes the Big Red Car:
And Captain Feathersword: (he later came out into the audience and I wish I had a picture of Hannah's was priceless)

Uh oh, Jeff fell asleep again....WAKE UP JEFF!!
Dorothy the Dinosaur:

Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus:
We had so much fun! We didn't "shake our sillies out" but we did sing "rock a bye your bear", "hot potato", "fruit salad", and many many more!

ps- I haven't blogged about our trip to Busch Gardens yet b/c I took my little camera but now I can't find the cord to upload the pics (stupid sony camera not using a regular usb cord) hopefully I'll figure that out sometime soon :)

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