Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pumpkins and Candy and Costumes OH MY.

This is a Halloween post but some other Halloweeny stuff in there too!  

We carved pumpkins as always....and as always Vince wanted almost nothing to do with it.  He likes to carve out an eye or two then he's done...no pumpkin guys for this guy.  But Dom, he LOVES pumpkin guts.  

 I love this pic b/c you can see Dom peeking inside the pumpkin, curious as always.  I love that boy!

 You know, just a random Steve head in the car.....
 Vince's school had a minion day....
 We were all supposed to dress like superheroes at work but only Lauren and I participated!  It was fun giving flu shots as SuperWoman!
 On our way to trick or treat!  This kid....
My girls!  I LOVE THEM!  Sara surprised me by dressing up as Wonder Woman (b/c she knows I'm insane and loves me anyway....I'm all about coordinating outfits).  Its a bird, its a plane, its SUPERMOMS! We did our traditional Halloween thing at Erin's parent's house.  This is one of my absolute favorite traditions!  I love our framily!
 Darth Vader and Iron Man
 Ellie as a Tiger

 Yeah, this looks dangerous!
 Erin racing the kids....
 Hannah as Rainbow Dash

 Erin won the race so the boys had to push her around in the wagon.

 Next race, Erin had to give the boys a 2 second head start
 Vince WON!

 The outfits of the night go to Erin's niece and nephew....curious george and the man in the yellow hat.
The whole gang headed out for candy!
The aftermath....
Sad to see Halloween is over!  Holy crap, Christmas will be here soon!

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