Thursday, January 16, 2014


It's been a good few weeks - a little wrestling, a spa day, lots of giggles, and some snow!  

With the super cold temps last week, school was on a 2 hour delay.  This silly boy wanted to go spelunking with his head lamp from Noni.  
 Our fat lazy cats didn't seem to notice that it was only 8 degrees.  What a life!
 This kid.  Bless his heart.  One morning he went in the kitchen to get breakfast and came back with fried onions.  I let him go with it.  He will eat anything.
 Then Thursday happened.  Tony got me a giftcard to Red Door Spa for Christmas.  It was called "An Afternoon Affair" - massage, facial, lunch, mani, pedi...except I don't like people touching my face so I went with a shampoo/hair style instead of facial.  This awesome email gave me my itinerary.  Rough day, right?  Don't hate.
 I arrived here about 11:30am -
 Got changed into a super plush robe - and had an amazing afternoon.  So relaxing!
After my massage and hair style I got dressed again and felt like a new woman....time for lunch from Firebirds and a mani/pedi.  Too bad I can't afford to do this like every day.
I actually had to leave my spa day early b/c I was stupid and smuggled my phone in for my pedicure...only to have daycare call me and say Dom had a fever.  I gave up my manicure to go get little one (but considering I bite my nails and don't really have anything to manicure it wasn't a huge loss).  2 year molars. You suck.  We pumped some motrin in him and voila - a new kid.  Looks just fine, doesn't he?
 Love those cheeks and giggles.
 Sunday was Vince's first wrestling match!  I'm not sure who was more nervous...Vince or Tony.  Isn't that "singlet" a trip!  That skinny little fella...and Dom behind him trying to imitate his "mean look".  Love it.

 There were A TON of kids there.  The little ones started at noon and we were done by 1pm so it went pretty quick....and he had 3 matches.

 Let's play "Where's Vince"....can you find him?

 He didn't win but I think it was a wake up call that he needed to take practice a little more seriously.  I'll post a video at the end.
 WHOOHOOO....this confirms that I take too many phone pics - 1000 Instagram posts!  I was hoping for streamers and balloons to shoot out of my phone but nada, zero, zip, zilch.
 Yep, this guy still naps in my arms.  I love it!
 Yes, we got much needed hair cuts!  But more importantly, Dom has discovered fried chicken.  Like father, like son.
 I saw this on Pinterest and had to make it.  HELLO!  Strawberry brownie cupcake with cream cheese icing and chocolate chips.  Best.Dessert.Ever.
 Love these boys!  Snuggle time on the couch before bed!
 We woke up (early, as always) this morning to SNOW!  Like, a lot of it.  I thought for sure school would be delayed but nope...had to get this kid to the bus on time!
 My little helper...

 haha, ok, I guess he's done!
Here's a clip of Vince's first match....this is the best one (the others ended with tears)

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