Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Happy New Year everyone!  2014, really?  Well, me and these crazy fools are ready for a great year so bring it!
I warned you they were crazy.  See the family resemblance?

 He was supposed to be napping....goofball.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE his cheeks.  I smooch them as often as possible. He pretends he doesn't like it but he loves it!
 My little card shark has gotten into Uno recently.  He's pretty good.
 Why is the train table at Barnes and Noble more interesting than the one at home....that they NEVER touch?
 Reading time...
 Dom picked an easy read....NOT
After bath one night, these two climbed into Vince's bed.  They pretended to sleep...for about 0.8 seconds then WWE broke out again.
 Friday was Vince's last day before going back to school so I took Dom to daycare and spent the day with this guy.  It's nice to get one on one time with each of them.  We snuggled in my bed awhile and discussed what our plans were for the day.  His number one request : Toys R Us.  Shocker.
 After Toys R Us, we had a lunch date.
 Pizza, chocolate milk, and double chocolate brownie....whatever, we don't get these opportunities often.
 We picked Dom up early so we could spend the afternoon building and playing in a fort.
 Vince was stoked.  He said "This is the best fort ever"...I may have patted myself on the back.
 Dom enjoyed it for a little while but he wasn't nearly as excited about it.  The damn cats kept trying to walk on the fort and broke it over and over.
 Well, at least they're getting use out of Uncle Rob's present.
 They sure do love to read.
 No, there aren't booboos on his cheeks....but he does LOVE Toy Story bandaids.  We may have applied them to his cheeks, arms, and hands.
 Looks can be deceiving.  It appears that they chose to sit suuuuuper close to each other and play games but in reality all the electronics were dead and needed to be charged.  The cords are too short to reach anywhere but the chair :)
 Ummm yeah it was FREEZING TODAY!  Apparently I can only take pics of my husband when he's practically all covered up.  Yes, he left the house like this.
 The boys played hookey today so they could go to their dentist appointment.  This was Dom's first.  They (and me) were all surprised at how well he did.  He'll do anything his big brother does so at least I have that going for me.

 This office is amazing.  We had a 10:15 appt and we were out of the door by 10:35.  As a mom of 2 wild boys, I truly appreciate speed in things like this.
It's no secret.  I'm no Martha Stewart.  In fact, I don't know when I cooked dinner last. I'm determined to do better this year.  My mother-in-law got me a new, big, programmable crock pot so I'm hoping to put it to good use.  I made an Olive Garden Pasta E Fagoli recipe (and cupcakes)...both were awesome!  
 I never thought I'd need to know anything about Beyblades or Bey warriors but boy was I wrong. I need to know everything about them...and angry birds, and trash packs, and Power Rangers...
Hope everyone's year is off to a good start!

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