Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jump around, jump around

Dom took the jumperoo for a spin today....and he LOVED it.
 He was really really close to touching the ground but I added a boring book for good measure:
 I know he doesn't look excited but he was having fun, I promise....
 I just had to add this to show off the double chin....couldn't you just eat those cheeks up though?

 All that jumping wore him out.
His shirt says it all...he is my "big guy".  Also, I know I shouldn't say this because I'll probably jinx myself but he has gone almost a whole week sleeping through the night!!!  The first 3 nights he went 8 hours and the last 2 nights he went 10 hours!!!!  Even Vince woke up before him and I had to rely on my alarm clock to wake up for work!  What a good boy!

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