Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Hannah!

Sunday, we celebrated Hannah's 3rd birthday!! I can't believe she's 3 already! She got this super cool castle and the kids spent almost the whole day in there (or knocking it over and asking us to fix it....over and over and over).
Most of her new Toy Story characters were in there with them all day too! The girl has them ALL!

Luckily she shared b/c Vince grew quite attached to that talking Woody doll.....I was soooooo glad it got to stay there and not come home with us :)

At some point she decided it was time to open presents! She got lots of cool toys and clothes and princess stuff!

She got most of the presents opened but then got bored so Erin asked Vince to help! He was more than happy!

Cake time!

She was so excited to have everyone sing to her!

See, hours later they're still playing in the castle and eating a snack in there too.
I talked Hannah (aka my dress up doll....until I have a girl of my own) into trying on her new princess stuff.
Isn't she PRECIOUS!!!

I swear this kid put the high-heeled princess shoes on and grabbed the pink balloon himself....I had nothing to do with it....I was just praying it lasted long enough for me to snap a pic! I promise not to use this as blackmail one day, baby :)
Funny story from the "after party": Erin and I were cleaning up when we heard Hannah singing Happy Birthday to herself (sitting in her chair at the table and all). Vince came around the corner and said, "It's not your birthday, your birthday is OVER!"....oh, he cracks me up!

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