Wednesday, January 19, 2011

That's one for the quote book....

I stole the idea for a "notable quotables" section from several of you guys....THANKS! Kids really do say some funny stuff and I wanted to be sure to share Vince's crazy ramblings and document them so I can look back and laugh! We literally have a quote book with our friends of the funny/random things us adults say (we started it a few years back when we all took a trip to Va Tech and keep adding to it all the time....the kids have even made a few entries). We always hollar, "that's one for the quote book", so I thought that was an appropriate title! I added a link off to the side to go directly to the quotes. Enjoy!

January 2010

-"Daddy GO TO YOUR OFFICE" (you may have already seen this here)

-Erin K and I were getting Hannah and Vince into their jammies when Vince says, "Mommy, Hannah's naked. I wanna be naked too!" Hannah's daddy was less than thrilled to hear about this.

-When Tony and I asked Vince if he wanted a baby to live here he responded, "YEAH, I want Hannah to live here"

-Out of the blue Vince told Noni, "I have a baby brother living here".....ummmm, does he know something we don't??

-At Hannah's after party Vince says, "No Hannah, your birthday is OVER"

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